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The Nature of Desire by Johnny Nicks
The nature of desire according to Buddhism can be demonstrated by the way a coin is held in the hand. It can be held and supported softly in the centre of the palm of the hand, to be seen openly and honestly by all, or it can be grasped tightly ...
This modern world, is quite upside down, would you agree? by Iosif
Be it dating, be it marriage, be it raising a family, being together with someone, or simply dealing with life in general. Everywhere you look, people are dissatisfied with their lives, disillusioned, have no faith in anything, are always afraid ...
Zen by Johnny Nicks

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Well I see folks thinking outside of the box, but I will emphasize that rich or poor, in sickness and in healthy, it really doesn't matter if love is your driving force... there is no ...
by Baron A. - 7 minutes ago
Jessica love wrote: Hey Mr Baron, I have a situation, I dated a guy for 5 years. We broke up 9 months ago, after the break up he basically treated me like an option while he did what he ...
by Baron A. - 10 minutes ago
Generally speaking, when someone has blocked you, and told you they're moving on, nothing will get them back but themselves. There's nothing you can say or do to change that, and usually ...
by Andy2017 - 1 hour ago
I've gotten into a big fight with my best friend and I can't go anywhere without seeing her I tried to talk to her in person and I told her what to say and give me answers I just found out ...
by Geocat - 1 hour ago
Hi has you ex contacted you since?
by Hun94 - 2 hours ago
Give it time. She needs to be focused on her own mental and physical health while pregnant anyways. You can be there for emotional support but I wouldn't go any further than that she should ...
by Ayr26 - 2 hours ago
**** don't ever highlight the fact that it was black gals.this topic is not about race here! its just all about getting tips or signs of a cheating boyfriend or hubby. u a racist **** ...
by felicia - 2 hours ago

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