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Why we go on the rebound and is it wise? by jay85
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After ending a long term relationship, feeling hurt, lonely and unloved can be a start point of a rebound. This could be jumping into a relationship again, a friends with benefits situation or just a one night stand. Often though guilt and ...
In Sickness and In Health -- What To Do If Your Partner is Critically Ill by FoxieLadie
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A few weeks ago, my husband was hanging the outdoor Christmas lights when he accidentally electrocuted himself. It had been raining out, and he went outdoors barefoot. When he noticed that some of the lights weren't flickering, he touched the ...

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by admin - 1 day ago
So here's my entry: http://www.relationshiptalk.net/why-we-go-on-the-rebound-and-is-it-wise-14837.html
by jay85 - 1 day ago
Jose Do some searching for online self help in self esteem issues. It may help?
by Johnny Nicks - 12 minutes ago
Oh dear, sorry to hear. What kinds of values, beliefs interests and passions do you have? Tess us more about you. How old are you and what is your relationships history?
by Johnny Nicks - 14 minutes ago
That's a big age difference. u still young have fun.his twice your age. Enjoy life...
by Jose - 15 minutes ago
Yes, everyday and I worry about the same thing, will I ever stop thinking about him. I even wanted it to end but didn't expect he would just completely stop talking to me once it did. I've ...
by PinkPeach - 19 minutes ago
Hey thanks man, that's actually really reassuring. Honestly I don't think that I was being pushy st all but I guess I'll just suck it up and try to tone it down next time. Cheers for your ...
by Guest - 35 minutes ago

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