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DUMPED! No Contact Day 10 by Hollow_Bullet
It has only been ten days since I started the no contact rule, but a lot has happened during that time. Recently I found out from a friend that I met through my ex, that my former boyfriend had been in contact with his ex girlfriend during our ...
Just my opinion on this life and relationships and break-ups thing. by Iosif
Hello there, I won't bore you with long details about my life,but I did write quite a lot,maybe wall of text would be appropriate?. I'm 31, despite my relatively young age, I could say I've been trough a lot,traveled a lot,experienced a ...
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We have released the first follow up test for the new colored version, checking different colors for visited links. To see the different variations please use t
by admin - 6 hours ago
Well i mean was it right to let her know that i still have feelings for her? And ofc i have left her alone... Ever since she started seeing someone new.
by MasonPareli - 27 seconds ago
by StaceyD - 7 minutes ago
Then in the end there not much you can do. You can't force him to spend time with his kids because he is doing what the court ordered him to do which is paying child support.
by IPx - 33 minutes ago
What? hurt you? you should not be hurt by him any longer. He might be the one hurting when seeing photos of you with other people. you shouldnt allow that he hurts you in any way anymore. ...
by Lost 1 - 34 minutes ago
Well if you look at it that way, you'll enable yourself to break the NC. Any decision you make will be a risk of going one way or another. Keep in mind for a relationship to be fixed, both ...
by IPx - 34 minutes ago
I am so upset, a couple at my church and in my small group got married and had this wedding and invited everyone from my small group except me. I know this because I saw pictures of ...
by Guest - 39 minutes ago
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