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My Journey to Reclaiming My Life by FamilyTies
I was an alcoholic. In this short, bold sentence, there are two tremendously significant utterances: first is the acknowledgment of me being an alcoholic to the extent that I had relinquished control of my life at the time and second the fact that I have now successfully put that part of my life behind me; that I have traveled a difficult road to sobriety and to regaining control of my own life. ...

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Lol, Baron, my question better be answered! I already paid my 10 bucks!
by banshee - 12 hours ago
Hi! It's me, the girl with the long distance relationship. I agree with Baron A., get strong and be happy! I'm also trying to move on and it is easier everyday. Step by step... Baron A., ...
by Guest 2 - 1 minute ago
My friend and I have known each other for around five years now. Even though we went to the same high school we never talked. We didn't really know much about the others existence until ...
by 3l1hh - 3 minutes ago
Some things I left out. She said she wants to keep me in her life and will talk to me even if he doesn't like it saying "he has to deal with it". She also wants to hang out with me. She ...
by brokenhearted10 - 6 minutes ago
Hard to tell. My ex hasn't contacted me till now after 6 weeks no contact and he is always online. I can't and won't initiate contact though. I'm a woman, I have to maintain my pride and ...
by angela17 - 6 minutes ago
So I was dating this guy for about 6 months or so. We were kind of off and on but we had many good memories together and lots of chemistry. He was a little hesitant about a relationship ...
by Guest - 6 minutes ago
Just tell him you would love to be his friend & that should work.
by Countrylicious - 9 minutes ago
Dont worry, someone will leave her
by jeo - 12 minutes ago
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