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Healing Yourself After Intimate Betrayal, Part 3: Developing a Healing Identity by FoxieLadie
When we think of the word Identity, we associate the word with people with whom we identify or with activities which help to define us, or more simply put, or with who we ultimately are. Betrayal and Loss of Identity As I mentioned in some of my ...
Healing Yourself After Intimate Betrayal, Part 2 : Dealing With Pain in a Positive Way by FoxieLadie
(Free photo courtesy of Google) Pain is a Natural Feeling We all feel pain at some points in our lives. When we think of pain, we often think of physical pain. I remember a time when I cut my finger on a cat food can, and how it took an hour ...

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Thanks, Mickey. I will be snoozing.
by banshee - 1 day ago
I mean she even told me a long time ago her Facebook is for her and her students to connect. I understood that so I never did again. I like to post in my profile good positive quotes for ...
by val - 21 seconds ago
Join this site, how to sign up is at the top of the screen. Only takes a minute and is free. I'm glad I did, so many good people on here, there realy is. Then after you join, click on ...
by Bob7777 - 2 minutes ago
But I dont wannabe friend I wanna be her bf so?
by Thanks - 3 minutes ago
i have a girlfriend but i love someone else who is proudly ready 2 love me any time wat should i do
by Guest - 6 minutes ago
Her reason for dumping you is a little suspect, I am not sure that is a justifiable reason for dumping someone. Your head was in the right place. I am thinking that you were so focused ...
by Baron A. - 11 minutes ago
So Basically, I had some problems in my life while I was still with my GF(currently ex). I was kicked out from my own home for no apparent reason. All these thoughts snowballed and I lost ...
by Monti_Carlo - 14 minutes ago
My ex picked her stuff up tdot and she keeps sending me messages like I'll always care for you but I dont know about a gf so what should I do reply to her messages or NC
by Hope - 28 minutes ago
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