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This modern world, is quite upside down, would you agree? by Iosif
Be it dating, be it marriage, be it raising a family, being together with someone, or simply dealing with life in general. Everywhere you look, people are dissatisfied with their lives, disillusioned, have no faith in anything, are always afraid ...
Zen by Johnny Nicks
The Empty Boats by Chuang Tzu If a man is crossing a river and an empty boat collides with his own skiff, Even though he be a bad-tempered man he will not become very angry. But if he sees a man in the boat, he will shout at him to steer clear. ...

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Johny, I think he will probably seek out an another affair partner. I won't. I will give my marriage a shot and if not then end it. We chatted further today and he is sticking to his guns ...
by Persephoni - 16 seconds ago
I have been with him 10 years somehow his ex seems to always pop up in the picture even after I just had a baby, he also cheated while I was pregnant but I forgave. Mow I have nightmares of ...
by Guest - 6 minutes ago
Being friends with her will cause you more pain. Move on. Right you have dated for more than a year. However this girl has decided to dump you and admitted to you that her new man gives her ...
by IJK - 43 minutes ago
I reconnect my wife with her X, who broke her heart when they were teens even their relation did not last more that 6 month and they did not involved in any sexual activity, But I am sure ...
by Rafi - 2 hours ago
Omfg YES I'm going through the same thing. I hate that other women are experiencing this but ya know it's still nice to know that I'm not alone. My boyfriend is upstairs watching basketball ...
by Kels - 2 hours ago
Thank you IPx. If he ever talks to me.. i''ll let u know.
by Nisha - 3 hours ago
I agree completely with all 3 of u ladies...these men/women need to man up and open their eyes to the reality that they are hurting everyone involved, especially their 'love' whom they have ...
by The_Lost_One - 3 hours ago

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