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TRUST by Angela17
My Dad liked to use metaphors and talk in parables. I remember him telling me and my siblings the parable of "A Man in a Watermelon Field" one day. Once upon a time there was a man who lived behind a watermelon field belonging to his ...
Security - Passion = ILYBINILWY by Johnny Nicks
" Well John / Jane, I love you but I am not 'in love' with you.." *ILYBINILWY* How many times have we heard this after about 2 years in a relationship that we have felt has actually gone quite well? Basically the emerging issue in the ...
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Oh come on guys, I'm not worried about winning at all, I've been meaning to write that blog for months anyway but only got around to do that yesterday. I just entered for the fun of it. ...
by Angela17 - 5 minutes ago
Voting is now open! Voting starts today and will run until the 2nd of October. The song with the most votes when voting closes is the winner. Voting Rules: 1. You can only vote for one ...
by jade - 1 day ago
That sucks man. Your best bet now is just to never contact her again. It's hard, but think of it as her loss.
by Eisforerik - 2 minutes ago
Reply quickly kindly today is the day and I didn't wish yet
by deepocean - 2 minutes ago
Well 12 years go she screamed out at the top of her lungs that she wasn't my wife ,but the mother of my children and she will not show any kind of affection since. She use to write ...
by LONELY_SAD - 7 minutes ago
My woman of 2 years broke up with me today saying that all we went through caused her to want to be alone and work on herself. The biggest problem is when she dumped me last year over a "he ...
by Jay - 7 minutes ago
My husband and I have been arguing back and forth for a while now. We can get along for a minute, and then we'll get into it over the smallest thing. He has had a past that causes me to be ...
by Guest - 14 minutes ago

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