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Suicide Prevention by Vale
As responsible members of Relationship Talk, everyone needs to remember that contemplation of suicide is a serious issue and not one that should be confronted on Relationship Talk. If a user is openly discussing committing suicide or is displaying certain warning signs (see the Helpguide for suicide prevention, it is important to immediately refer them to a source of professional help. Here ...

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Those are great advises and indeed we plan to increase both font size and line height as part of the upcoming changes.
by admin - 21 hours ago
It sounds as if he did hold some things back, like he was getting bored at the very least, or that he was doing the exact same thing with other girls and moved on to another one. You never ...
by banshee - 1 minute ago
Hi Mark, If you have already done all of that, then you need to just wait. Nobody likes playing the waiting game but if you cant contact her any other way, you don't really have any ...
by sunflower24 - 3 minutes ago
Thank you for the response. I know i need to move out and just live my own life. I think it will be the only chance to even stand any chance to fix things with her. But is there even a ...
by Dutch - 10 minutes ago
A few days after we broke up,I messaged him on my fb and he said he needed time alone, that's why I removed him from there and next day,I also messaged him on messenger and skype but still ...
by Guest Mary - 10 minutes ago
Continue to ignore him, the message will reach him that you do not play around.
by Baron A. - 12 minutes ago
Your shouting a few times could have affected her on a very deep level. Sometimes a couple are going for many years the guy shouts once and the girl is done, crazy, but see that something ...
by Baron A. - 13 minutes ago
Nice story. But in waking life he is your ex for a reason. Dreams can affect our moods but they don't mean anything.
by banshee - 14 minutes ago
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