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Getting over it... by jakeandfinn
Hi guys. On these forums you will find a lot of advice on how to get over your breakup... I decided that I would share what has helped with me and hopefully it can help you as well.Join a gym.One of the main pieces of advice you will see on this forum is to join a gym and reading that here was the reason I joined one. It's been a great piece of advice for several reasons: when you're feeling ...

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its true dating a married man is fun but just know u will never have your soulmate because everytime when he notices that your dating anew guy whom you want a stable relationship with he ...
by breian - 17 minutes ago
Can any one help me how to believe boyfriend that he will marry me...?
by Guest - 30 minutes ago
A third possibility, maybe you look good? Having had you as a bf adds to her personal stock?
by Gretchen123 - 40 minutes ago
It does certainly suck... Hang in there... :)
by jabb3rwoq - 40 minutes ago
Lib, I think its easier for a BS to focus on the mistress because its easier than admitting to herself that her husband betrayed her because he wanted to. I find this common amongst the ...
by jabb3rwoq - 46 minutes ago
Dont Panic!!!you started for the reason. If she really wants you she will come to you. engage yourself in other activities.weekend is for relaxing not for taking pains. Relations are always ...
by Hotme_pups - 1 hour ago
Oh wow Perry, I really wish you well. Don't be so hard on yourself about the contact. It was ok, wasn't it? Or maybe I don't understand :( It seems you had a friendly exchange. That's ...
by Gretchen123 - 1 hour ago
So seems like some people say to go, and give him the space he needs to process it alone. Someone else says to stay by him but to give him the space he needs and the support he needs. I ...
by loveofmylife - 2 hours ago
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