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Acceptance by Angela17
Rheak, First off. Breathe....just breathe deeply...and then try to reflect on the word "Acceptance". You once loved a man unconditionally but you found some things about him and you felt let down. That's because you realize that he's not the ...
Always Focus on the Present by Eisforerik
I was taught an interesting lesson this past week and I wanted to share it with you so you can avoid this in your relationships. The woman in my life and I have been dating for the past six months. The relationship is beautiful, intense and ...
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Maa from TZP Just a very touchy song with deep deep meaning behind it If you're a guy and have been in that or a similar situation, it will make you cry for real 💔
by Ghost0007 - 22 hours ago
This thread is now locked. Please vote for your chosen song on the voting thread: http://www.relationshiptalk.net/voting-for-august-song-of-the-month-914186.html
by jade - 1 day ago
I think the fear with NC is that you'll be out of sight out of mind, rather than absence makes the heart grow fonder. Either way for me its 5 months since the break up and 3 months since I ...
by Haze - 4 minutes ago
Hi Trina, yeah, romantic movies can have that effect, of making one feel there is something wrong with him/her. That is why I mainly watch cop/forensic/profilers movies. Compared to those, ...
by vitameg - 8 minutes ago
Take the opportunity to remind her of some happy times you shared and why you both fell for each other.,
by Johnny Nicks - 25 minutes ago
I am sorry you feel lonely... hug One day I was waiting in line to pay for something at a garden and construction store. In front of me there was a guy in shorts. I was admiring some very ...
by vitameg - 27 minutes ago
Yeah deffinatly xx then he regret what he told me cause he knew they were lies 😊
by Andrea29 - 30 minutes ago

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