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When All Else Fails by Qleophathyr
I wrote this on another site tonight: How true. I lost my boyfriend to my best friend. I never really suspected anything until I read the letters that he wrote her. The way he spoke to her in them were way more tender than they way he did in ...
The Difference Between Being in Love and Loving Someone by FoxieLadie
I live in South-western Florida, the area which is supposed to be hit hard by Hurricane Irma. I am scared of losing my life, my husband's life, and my home. Perhaps this is just one reason for the snit I'm in right now, but I suspect it has a ...

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He told you that another girl have moved in with him and that she is pregnant .... is it his?
by IPx - 43 seconds ago
So you have an ex who been saying that you hit/beat her. If it isn't true, why is she saying that?
by IPx - 1 minute ago
I'm just going to try but if he doesnt respond then ill just accept it and continue to move on.
by ConfusedGirl - 4 minutes ago
I know this is an old thread, but I had to weigh in. It IS cheating. Can you imagine his humiliated your husband would feel? What a failure he would view himself. The bows say, "For better, ...
by BelAir1962 - 17 minutes ago
The reason I came to this page is because the same thing happened to me last Friday. I was at my bf's place. Our mutual Friend X had come that night. We drank and we danced and after I ...
by NoOne - 21 minutes ago
UPDATE: I believe that my ex may struggle with NC. I saw her again this evening as I was preparing to take my things to my car. i was once again short and polite and was focussed on ...
by stickmac - 22 minutes ago
@Johnny Nicks He broke up with my back in March. He got into a new relationship immediately after but denied it to me and to his mom. It's been 6 months since we broke up but he has ...
by Candi - 25 minutes ago

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