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The Roster by Texaslovin
Let's face the facts if you're in the dating game and you're a female you already do this you just never labeled any of them. Ladies and gentlemen I present the roster. Dating is hard enough as is so here's a simplified list of guys to maintain ...
Want to try No Contact? Read this first. by Johnny Nicks
There is a common misconception that No Contact solves things. It doesn't. It is a vacuum, a pause at best. At worst, it triggers people's abandonment insecurities and, if reconciliation does happen, it can build long term anger and resentment ...

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Ha ha. Now that you feel cornered, you're going back on your own version of your story. Guess I'm wasting my time here. On a parting note, would advise to have a good look at yourself, ...
by Sonadora - 3 minutes ago
May I intervene here? Lisa, you said that you regretted instantly. But have you owned your fault in front of her and apologised also? Its not clear, because you seem more fixated about ...
by vitameg - 8 minutes ago
I never encounter ED like I mention before in your other thread but all you can do is comfort him if you guys try again. On showing him you care, you just talk to him and ask him about his ...
by IPx - 16 minutes ago
Hi Tonya .. Yeah i am still going through it. There's always a reason. It always pushes it. This last one was 23 years younger than me and they started their own "friendship"... it's ...
by Vetwife - 16 minutes ago
I dont know what I will do now ! Yesterday she was in thoughts when I was saying think about it and all, looked like she is thinking but end if the day she did not say anything , she will ...
by pahwa2204 - 16 minutes ago
Hi Deanna thanks for that insight,I'm so very blessed to have my children,they keep me very busy,,your so right tho,I just get lonely at times..I guess sometimes we need that adult ...
by Maria12 - 24 minutes ago
May be wait for a year to pass
by Dr.k - 35 minutes ago

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