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No contact rule and the reason it can be useful! by Helpfulness
Hello everyone! I'm sure that everyone has heard about this and wondered how this works. It's actually one of the best ways to get your ex back! But please be mindful that this doesn't work for everyone. What does this rule mean exactly? ...
Love Yourself Before You Love Someone Else by Luuminescence
What is the most important thing in a healthy relationship? Honesty? Trust? Compassion? Those are just a few of the many important things in a healthy relationship, but to me, one of the most important things in a healthy relationship is you. ...
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Tell him you had a few sex ual experiences with girls in an earlier time.See how he responds.Otherwise...ask him when you are in a safe place.Reading guys texts.Sounds like he does not give ...
by jixie - 8 minutes ago
He has commitment issues, advice him to see someone, he could come on here or see someone for counselling. Read up the term commitment phobia.
by Baron A. - 9 minutes ago
Think about what you have just posted... fundamental to a successful relationship is how compatible you are, not much going on here, please move on.
by Baron A. - 11 minutes ago
I think its time for you to go your separate ways or get some counselling together because that beat up was out of place, I am sorry you got so entangled with this situation, because it is ...
by Baron A. - 13 minutes ago
Rheak, I'm glad for you that you got a job and seem to be starting to restart your life without him again. Trust yourself that what you are doing is for the best for both of you and ...
by Lost12bfound - 14 minutes ago
54 years and still has to be tippy toe around his separated wife? I am not sure, but he seems to be emotionally immature, I know you love him, but please consider moving on.
by Baron A. - 16 minutes ago
Interesting and loaded with good advice, keep it up, maybe you can start a blog on here.
by Baron A. - 20 minutes ago
Please see a lawyer about alimony that is if you do not intend to go back and she will take you to town re payments.
by Baron A. - 21 minutes ago
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