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1. You Connect your eyes to their eyes and lips when they are sharing. This demonstrates that you are engaged and consciously aware of the problem or concerns they are sharing with you. 2. You Restate their ...
Love, heartbreak, and afterthought by Texaslovin
Remember the first time you fell in love. Was it everything you thought it would be? Everyone tried to explain it to you. Explain how it would feel, how it would look. But when it happened to you, that all went out the window. Because ...
FINAL NOTICE by Texaslovin
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by Anonymous2016 - 10 hours ago
I understand you are hurting and not knowing is unbearable but you have to try and be strong to not lose yourself. Once you do it might come back to bite you. I'm just trying to help you ...
by IPx - 1 minute ago
If there's another guy in the picture, there's really only one guy in the picture. You don't deserve this. Focus on yourself and work to become a better person. Once you're strong within ...
by JLiew - 13 minutes ago
I'm a Libra and my bff is an Aquarius. He told me he wanted a relationship 4 years ago and I hesitated so he moved on. They broke up a few months ago and he invited me out to visit him on ...
by Dee - 26 minutes ago
I think you two should talk in person and just tell her how you feel. See how she respond to it and if she still yell at your and stuff then maybe it is not a healthy relationship.
by IPx - 27 minutes ago
Just general support! I don't want him to be completely alone going through that because it would be so easy to relapse. Anyway we have spoken about it tonight and he says he has just ...
by Torn - 30 minutes ago
Thanks alot 😊 I m praying that my Allah give me strength so I can take a desicion for my life .
by Gul - 32 minutes ago
Start off by saying Hi and see where it goes.
by IPx - 42 minutes ago
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