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Always Focus on the Present by Eisforerik
I was taught an interesting lesson this past week and I wanted to share it with you so you can avoid this in your relationships. The woman in my life and I have been dating for the past six months. The relationship is beautiful, intense and ...
How to make him want you by Baron A.
I have been reading several post and I am realizing that many of us are in relationships and one person refuses to commit. I know the topic is suggesting that I am primarily talking to our ladies and maybe I am. The thing to realize is that ...
"Clingy" Causing Problems? by Johnny Nicks
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if ever in your my arms again by peabo bryson... i cant copy and paste the link... help? :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0T4Gqnh11iE
by April10 - 1 day ago
Still no communication. She is also a social media queen for both herself and work, and has been very removed from FB and instagram the past 7 days.
by Quest - 2 minutes ago
She sent me this text this morning ???I'm sorry I couldn't make you happy. I'm for all of the pain I've caused you. I'm sorry we didn't have the life we both dreamed of. I'm sorry for ...
by Todd - 3 minutes ago
I understand. And it's not even that I'm mad he did it. I just wish he wouldn't have told me about it and rubbed it in my face. It wasn't cool. He can do whatever he wants now but I don't ...
by Sadgirl23 - 8 minutes ago
My ex started talking to some about 2 months before we broke up...she's in GA since January or February my guess he's talking about marrying her...but she declined I know for sure...he has ...
by Remy - 13 minutes ago
And what's your advice if he doesn't respond or says something like 'you can keep them'?
by undertale - 19 minutes ago
I know she is trying to make me jealous (maybe unconsciously?) I keep my past in my past. I don't want her to feel uneasy about our relationship. It's us...if she likes to drift through her ...
by TheViking - 23 minutes ago

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