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We Can't Get Married Because Of Our Parents by FoxieLadie
Maybe your parents aren't Ann Boleyn and King Henry VIII, but unfortunately many of us are faced with the difficult decision of marrying someone against our parents' wishes. When I was in my mid 20's, I fell in love with a guy I met while I was ...
Friends, Lovers or Nothing. by Zak
Getting strung along like a puppy on a leash is quite a sad and embarrassing situation, and it's important to understand when pursuing someone if they are: a) Interested in a romantic relationship b) Interested in a friendship c) Wants ...
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A couple of months ago my girlfriend who I had started dating freshman year of high school dumped me. We were together for over 4 years and I knew (or so I thought) that we were going to be ...
by Clayton - 3 minutes ago
And that's problem why you're single, because you *slap women. Why don't you try *slapping a REAL MAN, and see what will happen to you...#growup
by Naturalbeauty53 - 13 minutes ago
All my best friends are boys but my parents won't let me hang out with them!! Help! My 4 best friends are guys, and we voice chat and play video games all the time. One of them invited ...
by Guest - 22 minutes ago
by kiwi - 30 minutes ago
hes actually a great guy...but thanks for the advice. i really am hurting. thanxs for understanding :)
by WILLOW_WILLKOC - 30 minutes ago
Im sure some will reply to you saying, "move on, you don't want to be in the friend zone, she told you how she feels, etc." But I would say keep the lines of communication open. I ...
by jack5004 - 33 minutes ago
dont be creeped out i call everyone by hun, girl, missy, ect.
by WILLOW_WILLKOC - 45 minutes ago
We call the extremely ugly ditch pigs here. And I don't need a fan it's only 11 celcius here tonight so it's a bit chilly lol. It's thanksgiving here this weekend so I am off until ...
by Jatli - 50 minutes ago
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