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3 Times Really IS A Charm by BigSister5
They say 3 times is a Charm. Not sure where that came from, but it would be fun to Google it. I learned this tool in AlAnon; a support group for basically codependents of Alcoholics. Thus, a shorter version of the name ALcoholics ANONymous. ...
9 Charming Qualities Women Love in a Man by Eisforerik
quality man.jpg
I've heard countless men ask, "What do women want?" Once you begin to understand the female mind you will realize that essentially they want nothing more than a masculine man who cares about being the best version of himself he can possibly be. So ...
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the URL of your song. somehow the link was following a path that was a combination of that url, and the following text up until my username
by vitameg - 23 hours ago
Lol. Jade gave a warning for that thread derailment. That's why I didn't speak. I disagree with your definition and how you portrayed the current pop culture but that needs a whole thread ...
by Itachi - 1 day ago
What a coincidence. Something happened with me today itself. Something I said u can be in relationship until you get married, but he told that it's OK but I'm feeling guilty for this. But ...
by nicky - 2 minutes ago
You still have a job to do, at work keep it professional - don't make it a battle ground. As for the breakup, you haven't mentioned anything about why - more information would help ...
by Chazic - 4 minutes ago
I have been seeing this guy who I love, for a while. But lately we have been fighting. Mainly about he not doing what I want but I do what he wants. And that he will complain to his friends ...
by Peach - 9 minutes ago
And I've never gone through this situation either so I don't know what I should do.
by John - 9 minutes ago
If everybody hates you then find another school and start over, what you are saying that every body hates you doesn't make sense, maybe the persons who you would like to love you don't, ...
by Baron A. - 17 minutes ago

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