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Why No Contact isn't really the best thing to do/when they lose interest by OG Love
Honestly, every situation is different and I know for me my breakup was extremely difficult. I had trouble accepting it. I did a short period of no contact (short period being a few days) Until really I was emotionally stable again. Now, her ...
I Was Brainwashed By A Somatic Narcissist by FoxieLadie
Narcissist Man2.jpg
Photo Courtesy of Sciencedaily.com When we think of brainwashing, we usually think of prisoners of war who are brainwashed by their captors or of defenseless children who are abused and brainwashed by their parents. We usually don't think of ...
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Relationship is progressing well. We seem to be reconnecting and be more at ease. The only thing that I feel anxious about is the out come when and if he moves. He has been looking to ...
by slmedina - 2 minutes ago
Flow, Im not saying you was perfect! cause that's impossible task. A narcissist will make you believe this is all your fault. They need someone to blame for their actions. Your ex doesn't ...
by Guest - 2 minutes ago
Thanks lost 1 i will try that
by John - 6 minutes ago
by Me line - 27 minutes ago
I dumped my ex three months ago but wanted to remain friends as we have known eachother for 10 years. He quickly got into a new relatinshiop which really hurt me but i didnt say anything as ...
by jessejames - 38 minutes ago
I left my soon to be husband two weeks before we were to Wed. We got into a fight he scared me and I left. We have been apart for 2 months now but we still talk and see each other.. We both ...
by Guest - 48 minutes ago
Wait let her contact you! From what i read, What could you have done wrong? If you feel she's slipping from your grasp, Try setting up another get together! Say hey, I'm thinking of ...
by Guest - 1 hour ago

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