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Are you grateful? by Angela17
Right now, I am house bound due terrible chest infection. My eyes are puffy and burning, my chest is so congested I can actually hear it making constant purring noise like a cat. My throat is sore, I've got stuffy head and nose and my whole body ...
What We Can Do To Get Over Our Exes by FoxieLadie
CS Lewis on Never Too Old To Dream.jpg
Quotation Courtesy of C. S. Lewis I was a middle-aged woman when I lost my husband to suicide. I never knew how ill he was until I received a nine-page autopsy report about him. To say I wasn't in my right mind when he killed himself would be a ...
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My daughter was asked to pick a love song in Major for her choir and while helping her pick one I decided to put it here too. So here's Queen with Crazy little thing called love: ...
by jade - 13 hours ago
OK. I will give it another month. I sure hope we'd have plenty of new great blogs until the end of this year. :)
by jade - 1 day ago
U can show him a real nice big but clean ***** pic and ask him to try such clean and hard ***** for u
by John - 3 minutes ago
Thankyou so much for those kind wise words, your absolutely right just give them some breathing space, can't help but feel shattered that's all. I will respect them and as they say if you ...
by Spotthedot - 12 minutes ago
My boyfriend and i have been dating for 1year and 5months. In the beginning he didnt care if i played with his phone or went through it. Now he always takes his phone with him When he ...
by Amber - 17 minutes ago
I heard that she is moving to be with him wow
by John - 37 minutes ago
Thing is....you don't feel respected or cared about and made an ultimatum. See me or I am gone. We get that you just meant to say hey this is important....show me. But instead he proved he ...
by gymgirlie - 40 minutes ago

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