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Security - Passion = ILYBINILWY by Johnny Nicks
" Well John / Jane, I love you but I am not 'in love' with you.." *ILYBINILWY* How many times have we heard this after about 2 years in a relationship that we have felt has actually gone quite well? Basically the emerging issue in the ...
The Need for Setting Boundaries by klindsey
Verjamelilla (2).jpg
I was nervous pulling up. I haven't seen him in years. What's going to happen? Am I crazy? I drove up to his work place and there he was. Six weeks later, I drove permanently out of his life. Where did it all go wrong?? That was me, three ...
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My entry, as promised :P http://www.relationshiptalk.net/trust-14719.html
by Angela17 - 1 hour ago
Voting is now open! Voting starts today and will run until the 2nd of October. The song with the most votes when voting closes is the winner. Voting Rules: 1. You can only vote for one ...
by jade - 10 hours ago
Thank you Angela 17 for replying my post. It's not easy for me it's so hard to like a married man and I tried my best to resist those feelings. But I realized that I really like him and ...
by Pinky - 11 minutes ago
One of my Dad's principles is "Love all and trust no one". Talk about dichotomy, I never understand that one but perhaps I will one day...
by Angela17 - 20 minutes ago
its been 5 months since I broke up with my 2 year girlfriend. To type my relationship in this box would take too long, but im broken now.. and i think im going to literally die of pain. I ...
by imsosad - 1 hour ago
Recently my girlfriend of 10 years.. Quit her last job because she couldn't stand her boss anymore. She applies everywhere but only takes the first job offer, with a pay rate reduction ...
by Mizael M Marquez - 1 hour ago
Its a tough one because ideally your approach should depend on how he is truly feeling (like weather his reaction was just due to an immediate shock mixed with a bit of disappointment, or ...
by WarrenR. - 1 hour ago

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