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The Nature of Desire by Johnny Nicks
The nature of desire according to Buddhism can be demonstrated by the way a coin is held in the hand. It can be held and supported softly in the centre of the palm of the hand, to be seen openly and honestly by all, or it can be grasped tightly ...
This modern world, is quite upside down, would you agree? by Iosif
Be it dating, be it marriage, be it raising a family, being together with someone, or simply dealing with life in general. Everywhere you look, people are dissatisfied with their lives, disillusioned, have no faith in anything, are always afraid ...
Zen by Johnny Nicks

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I went through 1.5 years with her and went through a sexual assault case and CPS and was an amazing boyfriend through her dark times, and later towards the end I was just plain mean to her ...
by Jacob - 5 minutes ago
Im sorry I irritated you. I understand you were trying to help, and I applaud that, but as a mental health professional, Im ok sounding a bit pompous. I feel justified in voicing my views ...
by Johnny Nicks - 17 minutes ago
This is very similar to my ex boyfriend, did yours ever come back ?
by Megan - 39 minutes ago
Slow gradual disclosure when you feel safe to do so after they have self disclosed a bit.. I admire your honesty .. You are very brave:) Good luck..
by Johnny Nicks - 1 hour ago
I have a similar issue. I was interested in this dude for a looong time and he got interested in me and we became "boyfriend and girlfriend". I worked and went to school and tried to ...
by tina - 1 hour ago

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