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  • gummybears: I joined one adult site. one, only one...about five or six years ago. in that time, the site owners built a ton of very niche specific mini sites...... and used everyone’s profile to fill up those niche sites. some of the niches ranged from mildly sexual, to extremely sexual in nature.
    in those years I was there this happened twice. the first time was just a few sites and the options in our dashboard let us shut off those other profiles. this second time was not at all manageable. and it created a huge upset within the community.
    my profile was on gay sites, ***** sites, cougar sites, daddy sites... and you guessed it, Asian dating, philipino dating, Russian dating and more. All done without my consent - except the special super tiny clause in the terms and conditions of joining which says they are allowed to use our profile for marketing.
    I don’t think I could even make that many profiles or manage that many passwords. lol! I didn’t like it, and they have fixed it some what. but this is my experience and sounds similar to your fiance’s predicament.
    trust your gut. and trust that you have the wherewithall to weather whatever hiccups that may happen.
  • Johnny Nicks: Gummy. A really useful and helpful response. I wonder if GIAB feels a little more comfortable now? And I wonder if your information, on sharing details between websites, might be helpful to others as well, so have you thought of writing a blog, or have you already done one?
  • Genieinabottle: gummybears: Thanks for the reassurance! I’m sure that, in many cases, sex sites posted his info on other sex sites. This seems to be the name of the game. You can’t imagine what happened to ME! I was only on one adult site, and the next thing I knew, a member of the site sent me an email saying that my video appeared on, a major ***** site! I was mortified because my ex always went to that site and I knew he would be madder than Hell if he found me on there by accident. So, I decided to come clean because I wanted him to help me remove the video from the site (he was a lawyer). At first, he was extremely PO’d at me, but then he realized I never hid from him the fact that I was on that site, since I was on there largely because of HIM, so I could "procure" women for *****. But, it was a pain trying to get the site to remove my video. As far as my fiance goes, I know he didn’t join all of the sites. However, since he had a screen name on some of them, he definitely belonged to quite a few of them.
    Johnny, I think gummybears’ experience on those sites would be helpful to a lot of people. A blog about sex sites might be useful, as was my blog about Internet dating in general. Great idea!
  • *Molly*: Dabbling in issues such as this, I would think it would be nearly impossible to draw a line. You can do this but not that. And you can look but not touch. And you can be this way 5% of the time if needed. I totally understand your situation, and I wish I had better advice to share. But I can’t. I truly feel that sometimes all or nothing is the most practical way. Keeping in mind, that "all" is ok for some people if they are secure with it. And "nothing" doesn’t mean that everything is a cold floppy fish. I know that 2 people and 2 people only, can emit a fire of passion so dang hot, that it would melt the socks off any xhamster site around! ;)
  • Johnny Nicks: Xhamster...Going to check it out now..;)
  • gummybears: lol! I wanted to say the same thing.... :)
    re: the blog. I never thought of writing about it even though I mention it from time to time.
    I think I will.
  • Johnny Nicks: Wow..Phew..Its suddenly got hot in here..Think I just saw Glam Gurl..No wonder Itachi made those comments about her looking ‘like’ a p0rn st@r ;)
  • *Molly*: Spit it out my coffee!!!!! You are so bad Johnny!!!
  • Johnny Nicks: Gummy..OMG...I searched for a molly and found a molly rae?.Check it out..
  • Genieinabottle: Molly,
    Yup, when it comes to Xhamster, a lot of the ***** is contrived. If you can believe this, while I was on a sex site, someone had "highjacked" one of my videos and put it on Xhamster - ouch. I had to get a lawyer to remove the darned thing! I do tend to agree with you, though, that two people can make a lot of smoke if they are really "into" each other. I’m not into restricting my mate. I just don’t want him to try to persuade me to engage in sexual practices with other people!

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