6 Weeks Of No Contact

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Tomorrow it will be six weeks since my ex broke up with me. We haven’t spoken since that day and although I have come so far, I still find myself missing him and thinking about him all the time. he hurt me in the last few months of our relationship and we were both unhappy but I still miss him. He changed completely for the worse and after lying to me about his feelings I shouldn’t love him anymore, but I do. Part of me still loves him, or at least who he used to be and I can’t seem to completely let him go. I think part of my problem is that I am so lonely and depended on him for socialization. I am afraid to put myself out there and make new friends but I know that it will help me get over him. I am just not mentally strong enough to make new friends right now. I know with time I will miss him less and less but right now I am missing him so much. I have to keep reminding myself that he is not the same person but it’s just so hard. 6 weeks really isn’t that long since we were together for four years but it feels like eternity. im just so confused about my feelings and I just want to be able to move on but he as my first boyfriend and we shared a bond for four years. I just wish I could switch off my feelings for him but I know I cant and that stinks.

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