A Long Distant Relationship

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I nothiced that there are some people here that are in a long distant relationship and are struggling. Long distant realationships are not easy, but with love, hard work, and strength. They can work. An example of one is right here.

My brother went on a mission in Mexico for two years and met a girl. He baptized people in her family into our religion and soon enough he had to leave back to the states (We live in a middle state). When he was leaving he asked her if he could contact her and because his mission was over he was finally able to ask if they could have a relationship. They contacted through calls (using phone cards for the longdistant phone calls) and letters. After a couple of years he finally he went to my parents and asked if he could bring her to the states and marry her. They went to court and got permission from the government to bring her to America. So he went off to Mexico to ask her to marry him. She said yes!! Mind you he was in his early 20’s and she well... she just turned 18. They have been married for 11 years now. Have a beautiful little girl and will be trying agian soon for another child.

SEE!!! These long distant relationships can work!! Through hard work and love and keeping strength between them. I hope this will be able to help some of you believe that they can work. A problem with long distant relationships is that people are to scared to have them. They don’t think they can work and they have no proof that they can work, now you can calm down because they do work.

Some things you need to do during a long distant relationship.

Talk about your loved one with others, if you pretend that they do not exist then they start to disappear from your heart. Just start a discussion about them. Talk about how they are doing, how you are handeling the long distant relationship.

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