A Stranger With A Rose On Valentines Day.

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I went for a job interview for an agency that hired voice over actors last year on Valentine’s Day. I walked around New York City and was grateful that I was not surrounded by flows of females with bouquet of flowers and teddy bears sticking out of their purses. But then again it was only 9′ o’clock in the morning. After suffering through an interview with a weird agent who wanted to know more about what it was like to go to The Oscars rather then actually interview me for a job, I walked out into the cold and called my mother. Begin the dreaded questions.

“Hi honey, how did the interview go?”

“Good mom. Same old boring questions and I don’t think he will hire me.”

“Don’t say that. Who wouldn’t hire you.”

Eye roll.

“But anyway, your sister and I are going to the diner tonight. What are you and your boyfriend doing?”

Long sigh.

“Probably nothing. He is working tonight.”

“Oh cheer up. At least you have someone. Maybe he will bring you home some flowers.”

“Okay, ma. Gotta go. The train is coming.”

“Love you. Happy Valentines Day!”

I hung up my phone and walked down the street. Out of nowhere some random guy bounces out in front of me and hands me a rose and says, “you’re the most beautiful woman I have seen all day.”

I say thanks, but dodge the rose. A girl behind me starts yelling how sweet that was and he hands her the flower instead. On the way home, I thought to myself that I should have taken the rose and thanked him for noticing me. But I knew that if I did, my boyfriend would get upset because who would believe that some random guy would give a total stranger a rose? So there I was fixing my boyfriend his lunch and watched him walk out the door without even saying a happy valentines day.

My boyfriend does not like to celebrate valentines day because that was around the time he and his ex broke up. Originally I thought that overtime he would forget about that and start making new memories with me. Five years later, he still doesn’t get me anything or acknowledge that it is valentines day and I am his girlfriend who likes romance. I am a romantic person and have always made valentines day special for whoever I was in a relationship with at the time. I cooked nice dinners and heart shaped cakes. Bought flowers and maybe a small gift to let him know that I love him. I would write poetry and express my love passionately for the person I loved. But now that girl is long gone. I let my boyfriend brain wash me into thinking that valentines day is cliche and all those stupid teddy bears were dumb and roses were too expensive. If all of this were true, then why do I see guys walking home with flowers in their hands for the ones who love them?

I don’t want to force my boyfriend to be romantic. I’m sure he bought his ex flowers and candy on valentines day so, what’s wrong with me? Why do I not deserve something nice just to let me know I am loved and special?

So I asked him why he did this and he told me this. I love you everyday, not just on valentines day. Remember that $6,000 diamond tennis bracelet I found at work? How could I forget! Bling! Bling! Remember that purple ring I dove in front of my co-worker to get and it fit you perfectly? Oh yes. Well happy valentines day! I realized then how much he did care and I was in his thoughts no matter what day it was. He could have pawned that bracelet or let his co-worker have the ring they found. But he didn’t. So what it wasn’t wrapped up in a pretty bow and was just placed on my wrist while I was sleeping. So what he pretended to bite my hand and then slipped the ring on my finger.

Making a loved one feel special should be done everyday with small gestures that let you know you are on their mind. It doesn’t just have to be on valentines day when everyone else is getting something. If you are in love, valentines day is everyday.

I’m glad that I didn’t take that rose from the stranger on the street and make my boyfriend think bad things. His gesture was nice, but knowing that my boyfriend was the one who truly loved me was so much nicer.


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  • Sigi: that’s a nice story.I love the teddy bears and roses :) but you are right what matters most is that he is there for you and loves you.
  • heartsbreak: Thank you, Sigi! And thank you for posting my blog:)
  • gummybears: that had a great twist in the story! thank you for writing that! :) I thought you were going to go off on your boyfriend! lol!
  • Nuada: That’s very sweet, so many people wait for a special day when they feel obliged to get a gift. I always think its sweeter to get someone a gift cause you were thinking about them!
  • Adrian: Nice story, sharing on FB :)

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