An Unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

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The 1940s-1940 Valentine postcardCreative Commons License courtesy of april-mo

Flowers, candies, chocolate hearts, rooms full of roses and “be my valentine” balloons. A little note, written by hand on dainty white cardboard by a confident hand that whispers love in both your ears. Blown kisses, giddy phrases of “I love you” burst from lucious lips mixed with laughter and happiness.

Valentine’s day fever is upon us.

I want to talk a bit about Valentine’s day and a similar...other time during the year.


Yup, that’s

You see, I like christmas. Not because I like presents, being around family, Santa and all the colorful decorations. I like christmas because of what happens to people during that time of year. People who would otherwise be a little grumpier, a touch more less helpful.... They change. They change and even though the change is a little temporary... Its still a change.

People become a little more helpful, they are a little more thankful. They smile a few more times than usual.

You ever sit in gridlock traffic all year, and find w Christmas a few more people, instead of fighting you, let you in...with a smile on their face? People will wish you a merry Christmas when the wouldn’t tell you to have a nice day the rest of the year? I notice these little things. They mean a lot. It means that people carry something that they don’t usually carry with them the whole year. Almost like they are forced to be good to one another for a short time.

I like that feeling of goodwill that comes with Christmas.

I’d see myself as a person who carries that goodwill all year round. Sure, I have my moments and spurts of bad days, but overall I do my best to carry that goodwill as consistently as I can, all through the year.

It takes until Christmas for most others to catch up! Lol!

So here we are on the threshhold of Valentine’s day... Businesses cashing in on heart flavored merchandise for the husbands and boyfriends who withold tokens of affection all year round from their sweethearts. Its a good theng really, I mean if you never get flowers, and your “sweetiebuns” produces them for you on Valentine’s day, you can’t day he never does anything romantic for you.

I’ve never had flowers delivered to me on the day of hearts. Never received chocolates, or lingerie. I’ve never even had anyone take me out to a fancy dinner... But guys aren’t to expect that kind of thing on Valentine’s day...that day was made for us guys to produce the token of love and our affection.

It all seems kind of geared to make the woman happy...and thus because she’s happy...we are supposed to be happy. :).

I’ve never bought into it; the whole Valentine’s day thing. Its not for me, and if my loved one needs a valentines day momento, I oblige.

Maybe that’s why I’ve no memory of a memorable Valentine’s day. I’ve made over the top gestures of love, just never because it was supposed to be on or near the day for lovers.

Why wait for one day a year for romance?

Romance can happen all year round.

I read a story a couple of years ago and it made an impression on me. It was about an elderly couple that had been married over sixty years. The best thing about this story is the husband kissed her night when they went to bed, and left a rose by his wife’s bedside ever morning for each of those sixty-plus years.

He had to maintain a horde of rose bushes year round to keep the romance alive in his marriage.

...and the ladies love the romance!

I like romance too... I also like to spread it out throught the relationship. I don’t like being pressured to do it though.

I’d also like a little romance to float my way! How come so.e lovely lady doesn’t pass me a flower, or chocolate hearts on Valentine’s day?

How come I’ve never stepped into a room full of roses and heart shaped balloons to read messages from a sweetheart on little cardboard cards.

What would be an unforgettable Valentine’s day for me then?

A day dedicated to romance, love and grand gestures!

Hmmmm... I’ve never been asked what I would want on Valentine’s day, nor have I demanded anything.

Maybe I should start. Maybe all men should start demanding?


What is romance for a guy? I mean guys will go out and buy flowers for thier lady, most men do...but do most men want to receive flowers? How about receiving them at work? I know women like getting flowers at work (generally speaking of course). Do men not only want to recieve flowers, AND get them at work in front of all the other guys from their “special lady”?


I hazard a guess that I’m sure there would be a few guys who would like that. I would put money on it though saying that for the most part, no guy would want that to happen to him. The ridicule from the other guys would forbid it lol!

I lime romance. I like sitting in the darkness looking up at the stars. I like strolls along the beach. I like candle lit dinners and shared glasses of wine and the I timacy that comes along with it... But that’s my daily life.

Why save it for one day out of the year? That’s my question.

I guess I could loom at it like its just one more day that I get to do it.

But Oh, The Pressure!

Maybe ill find someone who enjoys romance all year long rather than expecting a single unforgettable Valentine’s day. I’d much rather remember a lifetime of romance.

How about you?

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • heartsbreak: I agree. Men should be spoiled on Valentines Day as well. I think women feel that men don’t like flowers and all that cute stuff, but why not? I bet if you put what you like romantically in a dating profile, you would attract a romantic girl:)
  • gummybears: I was asking the guys at work today what they thought would be romantic for a guy.... I’m not sure you’re theory would work too well! lol!
    first on the list was a b-j. second was a six pack of beer...
    but they are all buying flowers, or fancy dinners! lol!
    kinda funny how it unfolded. I asked a guy when we were by ourselves. he said the b, then the beer. a second guy came up, I asked him... he said the exact same thing in the same order. a third guy came up. I asked him... (he was out of earshot before walking up) and he said the b first. we all laughed the second guy said he added a six pack to his romance order and third guy said "yeah, that sounds like an epic Valentine’s day!"
    so... not sure... about attracting a similar romantic partner... depends on a person’s idea of romance I guess.... :)
  • heartsbreak: Men are so simple. I just follow the three F’s Feed them, flatter them, perform *****. Thanks for saving me time in thinking of what to get my man:) Keep looking, you will find her. May I suggest a Sagittarius? Depending on what sign you are, a sag is always a good romantic partner.
  • gummybears: the three F’s!!! that made me laugh out loud! you’re a total gem HB!
  • heartsbreak: Thank you:) I thought of that the other day.

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