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Long story short. My gf and i have been dating for the last 3yrs. At the beginning of the relationship i didnt do my part as bf, but we moved in together, she helped me alot. We decide to move down to florida, we got a place things were ok. She was more serious bout me that time but last year is been hell for us. We been fighting, breaking up, and you know typical relationship issues. No trust, fb issues and **** like that. She has given me a lot of chances and i just now realized that i want to be with her, but now shes tired and my actions have made her changed personally how she feels. Im a big believer in karma and i think im paying what i did in the past. so july of 2012 we took some time apart i moved away 3hrs from her but we still wanted to work things out. So i go visit her when i get a chance and stay at her place for couple days. like any man i hacked her fb n emails account because i want to make sure if things are going to work out but i found some msg on fb with couple guys and some of them were sexual stuff like ***** on her face or reminicing bout her **** n ****. She tells me to trust her and it wasnt nothing, it was joking. So i let it go. Im not opposed to male friends is cool with me but last night some guy called her n she didnt pick up. Her excuse was it was her co worker n wanted to find out schedule for xmass which is kinda odd. I made a big fuzz bout it and she always turns it to me and blame me for no trusting her n ****. So what should i do? Move on or give it a chance but im scared of falling for her n couple months down the road have her break up with me or me finding out she been **** or seeing some other guy. I hope theres males n females that can give me opinion and maybe a friend to talk via email? I just need to know what i should do. please excuse if i left some stuff out im writing from my smartphone and is not a pc lol. Thank you for your time and hope to hear something

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  • nuada: sounds alot like me i was on and off with my current ex when we got together but even when we were apart we still did the same things. we lasted three years also but shes left me for another guy a year ago for a few days and then a month ago and now idk how to get her back. ive gotten her back before so if you want her back we cant talk
  • Jaram116: Yea man, i want to talk to see what u felt and to see if is similar to whats going on with us right now. My email is <email> .. Def will appreciate it.

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