Are We Looking At Dating All Wrong?

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“I don’t see a future with him.”

“I’m not sure he’s the one.”

“I’m concerned I still haven’t fallen in love with him yet.”

“I can’t live without him.”

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It seems that we set ourselves up for heartbreak. Whether we see the relationship doomed from the start, or whether we have our hopes so tied to this person that when it fails it leads to a devastating blow. You can’t take a young relationship and start thinking about the future. People are constantly growing and changing. I think we are all being to quick to label someone the one, or not the one.

Maybe we should stop looking to the future for a few minutes, and look to the now. Right now, this person makes me happy. Maybe I don’t love him yet, maybe I never will, maybe he’s the one, maybe he’s now. But right now, I am enjoying spending time with this person. If we allow ourselves to just go with the flow and not be so focused on the end goal of the relationship, maybe we’ll be overall happier during the relationship, and less heart broken at the end. Maybe then when it’s over, we didn’t loose the love of our lives, instead, a moment with someone dear has come to pass. And maybe, relationships that we see doomed from the beginning, will get the chance they deserved rather than being overlooked.

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  • gummybears: nobody has written on this yet?
    this is something I have found hard to do... and always keep mindful of. good advice!
  • Sigi: I agree! It all depends on our way of looking at things,if we try to look for the "one" all the time we probably end up alone.
  • Rocketgirl76: it would depend on where you are in life as far as age is concerned.

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