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Sorry that my blog is starting to sound like a segment from a soap opera entitled “As The Stomach Churns”, but I just need to vent because I am angry. I thought that when people first got married, they were all lovey dovey and, if they had to watch *****, they would do it as a couple, to turn each other on. But, what did I find? I got up at 5:30 this morning and I walked into the living room because I knew my new husband was supposed to have oral surgery this morning, and he was sitting there watching two lesbians going at it on a ***** site!

Okay. Let’s cut to the chase. I wasn’t upset that he was watching *****... it was the TYPE of ***** which upset me. He knows that I broke off with my ex because he subjected me to a ***** with a nasty woman. When my ex did that, I felt like a character in the movie “9-1/2 Weeks” with Michele Pfeiffer and Mickey Rourke, if you remember the scene at the end of the movie where Mickey invited another woman into their bed, blindfolded Michele and made her believe he was the one who was ”ministering” to her. I felt betrayed and violated. And, the worst part was that my ex had no idea how much his bringing another woman into my bed hurt me.. especially a woman who was determined to break us up by making my ex believe I was nuts for not wanting this salacious activity.

My husband knows that I am not judgmental but that I don’t have a lesbian bone in my body. He knows the reason I broke off with my ex. My ex used to watch lesbian ***** all the time before he brought that horrible, vindictive woman into our bed. I didn’t realize my ex was trying to ”program me” and that it was just something he enjoyed watching.

My husband knows the whole story about my ex and me. He knows how much I abhor the idea of *****, foursomes or anything sexual which doesn’t involve one man and one woman. So, of course, he had to watch this repulsive stuff while he thought I was still sleeping and I caught him in the act.

I couldn’t help expressing my feelings. I told him that, if he had been watching a man and woman “going at it” or if he had asked me to watch some ***** with him, I wouldn’t have had a problem with his having watched *****. But instead he watched the kind of ***** which turns my stomach and, I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a heck of a way to start a marriage – to do this in secret. Of course, he said he wouldn’t do it anymore. Yeah, right. And, pigs can fly. I told him that, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t give a rat’s a* if he does it anymore.. the fact that he did it at all so early in our marriage showed poor judgment, and my mistrust of him has reared its ugly head again.

Of course, my EX is now on his best behavior... He’s probably hoping my marriage will fail. I really want it to succeed, but I wonder what’s going to pop up next. I told my husband a few months ago, when we weren’t married yet and he tried to join a swingers’ site with me as the female part of a swinging couple without my knowledge, that, if this is what he wants out of marriage, he’d better find himself another willing female.

He swore up and down that he only did this because he knew my ex and I had had a ***** and he thought I might not mind this. But, that wasn’t the point. The point was that he joined the site without my knowledge. Heck. We could have gotten married and he could have sprung this on me after the fact and I might even have divorced him! He could have asked me before he joined the site if this is something I might want to try. But no.. instead he joined the site in secret before we even tied the knot. And, I happened to find this on our computer by accident. Of course, when I trashed the idea, he unsubscribed from the site. I want to have a relaxing marriage.. I don’t want to become a Private Eye or a shrew!

My new husband he’s always in Giggles, the ***** store. He event has an account there. And now, he’s watching lesbian ***** in the morning instead of making love to me. I often tell girls on RT that just because a man watches ***** doesn’t mean he isn’t interested, but I’m beginning to understand where some of these gals are coming from. The type of ***** might be significant. And, also the timing.. what woman wants to find her husband watching lesbian ***** the day after their wedding, unless, of course, she has lesbian tendencies? And, wouldn’t most normal women want their men to make love to them instead?

So, here’s the latest episode of “As The Stomach Churns”... to be continued ....

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  • itachi: The age old question. Why straight men watch lesbian *****? To your surprise, a major share of straight men does watch lesbian *****. Though, it doesn’t give any indication of sexual orientation or sexual interest in practical life most of the time. Just Double the fun. Everything becomes doubled. Though, if it is affecting, then it becomes a different issue.
  • Genieinabottle: I think straight men watch lesbian fun because, as you said, it doubles the fun. The issue is that, even though my husband knows that I broke off with my ex because of his obsession with ***** and lesbian *****, he decided to watch this kind of ***** two days after we got married. This makes me wonder if he’s just like my ex and was hiding this well prior to marrying me!
  • Sigi: I’m about to read the second part of this story but for now I just want to say I totally understand how his bad timing can be upsetting for you.
  • ChosenByeOne: Speaking as a male, and one that is rather on the romantic side...I say he isn’t worth it...and I am sorry if that is harsh but...that shows very poor judgment and might have even been on purpose. I hardly if EVER think any guy at my old high school (jocks mainly) could ever treat a girl right...and I am usually correct on my fore-sight.
    I’ve have always been able to lend a romantic eye and advice despite what hell I may be going through myself. I find it...nice to lend a romantic ear...give some advice which would be amazing to be used.
    Anyway, from my male perspective...I say he isn’t going to be worth it in the end. Honestly, I say push both of them out of your life for the best just because of what I have read of their behavior...of course...sadly easier said then done.
    It does take time to find that ‘perfect one’...but they are well worth the pain. I know...personally.
  • Genieinabottle: Hi Sigi, You can say that again! The timing was bad. Fortunately, there haven’t been any repeat performances recently!
    Hi ChosenByeOne, Although I appreciate and understand your viewpoint on this one, I’m afraid it’s a little too late to say "Nay" to my new husband. We tied the knot on March 9 and just returned from our honeymoon. Ever since that incident, his behavior has been nothing less than stellar. I understand your being a romantic and I fully respect that. You definitely are right about the first guy, but the jury is still out with regard to this one. I have no idea at this early juncture if he will be worth it in the end. As the song goes, "We’ve only just begun." Just to add a little realistic perspective to it all, I’m going to be 67 in September, and frankly I’ve been alone too long (four years since my late husband took his life), and I was and still am determined to take a stab at marriage again. Maybe I’m the one who’s a bit romantic. We’re getting along really well these day. He is definitely an improvement over my ex, even if he isn’t the perfect guy. And, for the record, my late husband used to watch ***** all the time.. it’s just that his timing was better. Thanks anyway for the advice. Honest opinions are always appreciated by me.
  • Daddy Longschlong: You need to chill, who cares? It’s *****, he’s not asking you to do anything. It’s like he got mad at you for using a *****, it’s not cheating, not even close. The only time you can get mad is if he asks you to **** another woman... Not as a joke. Me and my wife joke around all the time about it, it’s all good fun. If you’re seriously upset about that I think either;
    1. You have serious baggage, because hes a new guy. He’s not your ex.
    2. You’re a stuck up ****, he’s not **** another woman. Next time join him, it’ll make him really happy
    3. You don’t belong in a committed and loving relationship if you don’t allow lesbian *****. It’s every guys fantasy.
  • FoxieLadie: Dear Daddy Longschlong:
    You’re responding to something I had posted over two years ago, the day after my new husband and I got married. Come off your high horse! I realize my husband wasn’t cheating by watching * and that it’s quite commonplace for guys to do this. It’s a guy thing.
    It was the TIMING which sucked. This was the day after we got married, and my feeling was that, if he really was so horny, he could have asked me to watch * with him. I’m not opposed to watching *. It was the timing and the type of * which bothered me back then.
    Furthermore, if you had read the entirety of my blog carefully, you would have understood that my husband signed US up for a swingers site before we got married and that this almost caused me to call off the wedding. In addition, my ex-boyfriend was into * with two women. I had participated in three of them in order to please him, but the third * we had traumatized me because my ex paid no attention to me during this particular *, and I broke up with my ex as a result of this. He also went and *ed that particular woman on his own, which wasn’t what we had agreed upon.
    I realize my husband isn’t my ex, but FMF * are a sensitive issue with me. Finally, I’ve come to appreciate lesbian * at this point in time and watching * doesn’t bother me anymore. That was then. This is now.
    Calling me a stuck up * and telling me I don’t belong in a committed relationship wasn’t very cool. We try to be respectful towards one another on this forum. This is just a warning... I’ll be monitoring your future posts, Daddy Longschlong because I’m not happy with the way you express yourself towards a fellow human being.

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