Break Up; Says She Loves Me But It Isn’t The Same Love As Before When She Fell In Love With Me.

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My ex and I have known eachother since 8th grade and have been having feelings since forever ago. I am 18 and we are both about to graduate high school in June we officially started dating 7 months ago it was good at first i noticed how much she loved me then towrds the end we began having a lot of fights and arguments i maybe wasnt giving her as much attention as i did when we first started dating but regardless she knew i loved her and i knew she loved me. I guess something bad we had was that we were together all the time inslept over most of the time and we were never apart i guess it got to a point that we were extremly attached to eachother and because of all the arguements and fights it got to a point that she said that her feelings have changed toward me and decided she needed some space, she said she still loved and cared for me a lot but that this is what she needed so we broke up. During that time apart i tried talking to her after a week to fix things bit she said no that she didn’t want anyone she just wanted to be alone she told me to move on and that deserved better. after that I realized that I had to move on because she seemed certain about her decision but then I found out that she was talking to someone else someone I had told her if he was of any importance but she denied everything and I believed her. I confronted her about it and told her that she hurt me immensely and to just forget about me. She explained to me that she did not leave me for him because that’s what I thought. She told me she felt lonely and unwanted while being with me and that wasn’t right and this other person started giving her the attention that she hadnt had from me in a long time. A couple days passed and she texted me saying she missed me but I told her that she didn’t know what she wanted and that she needs to really think about what she wants because I was hurt from what she did and also I wasn’t going to be waiting on her all my life. We ended up talking and she said she felt nothing towards the other person that she regretted it all and she texted him saying that what they were doing didn’t feel right and she had too many things going on at the moment and she still had feelings for me. That person is one of her co-workers so she didn’t want to completely offend him because it would then make things bad for her at work. So we agreed on her trying to find a new job and us working things out. So we were basically broken up for like a week and a couple days then we got back together. We had sex that same night because it had been a while and we felt good together. We were doing good I was giving her all the attention she needed because inronically we had got back together the day before we made 7 months. but then I started sensing she was being weird when i talked to her the next morning but she said everything was fine. I took her flowers when I went over her house and she said thank you and kissed me and i don’t know I felt like something wasn’t right so I told her to tell me the truth and she did. She said that she didn’t feel the same with me anymore that she was trying and trying to feel the same but it just wasn’t happening. She said that she confused the fact that she missed me so much with wanting to actually be with me. She told me she didn’t want us to hate eachother like we did before but she still wanted to be friends because either way we both are friends with the same group of people and her family loves me. She said she felt bad because she saw how much I loved her and was showing her by taking her flowers and everything but she didn’t feel the same. She didn’t feel like she used to feel when she was with me. Throughout all this talk we were laying in bed still kissing eachother and hugging eachother so it was extremely confusing. When we started off we would first just have sex and then from there our relationship began. it was weird we started off backwards. but anyway She said she wasn’t planning to have sexual relations with anyone else that is not me so she said she’ll be calling me for that. I don’t know how to take that at least i know she wont be messing around with anyone in that way. its basically how we were before we started dating. I think we ended on a good note I can’t force her to love me either so there’s not much I can do. she cried a lot and I just felt empty inside because I do love her a lot and wanted to be with her and have a future i guess you can say.. I’m just confused now on what should I do or how to go on about the situation if I still love her and think about her all the time. I want to be with her I don’t know what to do

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