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Hi everyone I wanted to share my situation to see if I can get any advice from you guys I would appreciated it. I was dating my girlfriend for at least 5 years within this time we spend so much together many memories also bad ones. Also we have a baby together which is a little girl 1 yr 3 months old. We were living together after we found out shes pregnet after the baby was here we had nothing but problems, she ended up going with her mom, so then a couple months whent by I kinda begged her to come back I expressed my feelings towards her so much she was being hard headed for a while then we ended up living together again but this with her mom so then like two months went by I notice that she would get mad about everything that i would do that would irritate her she would spend more time in the phone then with me she ended up kicking me out telling me that is never going to work out but then we still see each other we go sometimes out to places with our daughter but I’m confused i don’t know if I should stop trying and move on or i don’t know if she already moved on or if shes seeing someone else besides me i don’t know I’m just hurt and sad that this is really happening can someone help ?

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