Does She Still Like Me??

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Okay so I work at a gas station and I met this girl while I was working. She used to come in almost everyday and flirt so I gave her my number and we started talking. So about a week of texting each other every other day or so I asked her if she wanted to hang out late one Saturday night. So we went back to her place and just talked and hung out for about an hour and a half. Then about a week later we went to dinner and back to her place and again we just talked and hung out. Then about another week and a half later she invited me over late on a Friday night and I ended up spending the night but we just kissed cuz she was kinda drunk and we both dident want to have sex while she was drunk. so now its been about two weeks later and it seems like every time I ask her if she wants to hang out she’s busy and she will say well maby next week then ill ask her the next week and she’ll say during the week is not really good for me, and on the weekend she usually has plans. We usually text each other everyday and she always responds when I text her but sometimes its delayed a few hours but I understand people get busy. It just seems lately that she is kinda pulling away but when we talk I still get the impression she likes me but it just seems like if she really liked me she would be able to find a few hours outta the two weeks its been since I’ve seen her and hang out. Is she just stringing me along cuz she dosent want to tell me she’s not into me or is she trying to play hard to get or what she is a mystery to me lately. Plz help I really like this girl.

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