Does This Girl Like Me?

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So there’s this girl I like but idk if she likes me. Her friends have been teasing me for liking her. They say things like (her name) is single, (her name) ( my last name) that sounds good! And valentines day is coming up! the girl doesn’t rlly say anything but just laughs. She has dropped her pencil near me and i saw out of the corner of my eye that she kind of threw it. She has stared at me before. Her frienda have made fun of me over text. She (over text) has said things like (my name) I’m waiting! LOL JK. Does she like me?

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a

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  • gummybears: She is interested. She wants to learn more.
    Casually ask her to spend more time.....
    I’m going for a (insert event here) wanna come with?
    And leave it there.... She will probably say yes to fond out more and like that you took interest in her. Then.... You can decided whether it is worth another (insert event here).
    Easy peasy, no stress, and ends up with something to do on an evening. :)
    What do you think?

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