Empty When He Leaves?

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I’ve been in a dedicated relationship for a good bit now. Everything was going perfect except..Id get sad when he Would leave me. Growing up, my dad cheated on my mom a few times. That thought always burned in the back of my mind sometimes when I’d be with my boyfriend. I felt as if that would happen to me too. My boyfriend is the best person I’ve ever met. Even though I knew he’d never hurt me (emotionally or physically) I still had that feeling. I didn’t have many friends or family who supported me. So, when he came into my life and loved me unconditionally for who I was, I never wanted to be Without him. I wanted to be with him constantly because when I wasn’t with him I felt so alone...because I pretty much was alOne. I know, I know..”well maybe you should make friends so whenever he is with his friends you don’t feel so alone”. Yeah, I tried that. People at school (a mean group of girls) started to spread rumors about me when I started dating my bf because one of the girls used to talk to my bf. After people heard bad rumors, no body wanted to be my friend and I was constantly talked about. so, I can’t have a real life with real friends. I realized one day that it wasn’t my family or friends or mean girls that caused me to be unhappy, it was myself. I needed to grow confidence in myself before I could ever be happy being alone. When I figured this out, I immediately felt a lot better. I told myself that “he loves me for who I am. I don’t need to feel so sad when I’m not with him because of my low self esteem”. He’s the reason that today I am confident in myself B/C he loves me For me. So, if you feel so depressed whenever you’re not with your significant other, take a look at yourself before you go make conclusions. I hope this helped. Love always, me

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  • Sigi: I hope this help others, it takes time to understand that you have to love yourself in order to be loved and happy...you figured it out early in life. I hope everything works out for you:)

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