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Hi, this is quite a complicated storey and would appreciate any advice.

I was dating this guy about 5 years ago for about 6 months we were young at the time and it was nothing serious. We broke up because of family disapproval because my ant was dating his brother so it was complicated. last October I got a job in a night club and this guy is always there, he spoke to me and we had a catch up. last night he was in there again and when I finished my shift I seen him and his friends we agreed to go back to his friends, at the end of the night I went back to his house. after talking for a while we kissed and slept in the same bed together we did not sleep together. He was so nice to me and so friendly and it was like nothing has changed over the five years. but now he has two children but not with his children’s mother. Do you think he was just trying to be friends with me or do you think there is more? because to me I thought there was chemistry as I have always had feelings for this guy. Do you think I should just leave it at that? Or is there something there even a friendship?

what is everyone’s opinion on this please help me out.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a

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  • gummybears: Sounds like he’s being friendly.
    Interested? Of course. you guys kissed...that’s romantic.
    I think he’s saying friends because you do have to get to know one another before you’re in a smootchie type relationship.
    Take it slow, see what develops.

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