Fantasising About Other Men

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I love my boyfriend, we have been together for over two years now and for 11 months of that was long distance. We are currently living hours away from one another and the lack of communication is creating a whole in my life. It’s not just the neglect that is affecting me anymore but its that when he does talk to me he is either distracted or there is just no real conversation.

I am living with three other boys, I find myself fantasising from time to time about one of them. I wouldn’t call them sexual fantasise but they are itimate. I miss itimacy and the feeling of being wanted.

I also have a deeper fantasy about talking to my ex. The lack of communication I have with my current boyfriend has led me to fantasise about engaging in conversations with my ex. Talking to my ex would be nerve-wracking, for further insight into my ex look to previous blog posts.

I need something to lift me out of this whole and it upsets me that I think about these other boys, all I really want is my boyfriend to talk to me and want me.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a

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  • itscomplicated: My favourite fantasy at the moment is of one where he dies and me and his best friend get together. I am just the worst kind of person.

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