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For many of us who are in relationships are having to deal with so many things from other people interfering to figuring out the road ahead. Love is worth fighting for when you are in this for the long haul, but you have some factors that do need to be addressed and that is other people interfering in your relationship. Love is hard enough when you have other people constantly involving themselves in your marriage or relationship. Many couples struggle to keep their love alive when they have deal with outside interference weighing down on the relationship. It’s hard when you face possibly losing the one you love because so many things have been standing in the way, but if you love someone you will fight to keep that love alive.

Never stop fighting for the one you love and the best part of love is not telling people what goes on between you and your significant other. Love is better when it’s not shared with anyone outside of your marriage or relationship. There are so many things that you can discover within the confinements of your relationship. If you’re having problems in your relationship that’s the time to talk about it with your partner. There’s no reason for you to seek out another person to ignore what you should be talking to your spouse or partner and if a person is cheating that’s a sign of issues within the relationship that needs to be addressed. It’s not easy to talk about issues within a marriage or relationship, but most couples have found that when they talk about the issues at hand the relationship actually improves and that’s why it’s key to have communication in the relationship.

When couples talk the issues are addressed, but if you think that cheating solves the problem....I got news for you it does not solve anything. There’s a problem with someone when they feel that having sex with other people than their spouse or partner will solve what they need to address. Every person has needs in the relationship that they want from their partner or spouse, but when you’re not communicating it only gets worse over time. If you truly love that person and want to be with them you need to fight for your love and fight for what you gave to making that love happen.

If I could reach all couples and say that if you’re currently cheating or thinking of cheating I would say it’s time for you sit and talk to your partner or spouse to really address the problems within the relationship such as sexual and personal. If you’re looking to try something new in the bedroom tell your partner that you want more sexual variety or trying new things even making date nights better by trying something new not always doing the same thing. Part of the issues with couples getting bored of each other is doing the same thing over and over again with no variety and no real adventure to try something different like instead of always going out to dinner try going to a play or even a concert to see a symphony play. A date at Starbucks for coffee or one’s favorite drink is very romantic it gives you time to really talk and focus on each other.

A relationship full of passion and love is also based on trust and honesty. It’s best to love with a full heart than a half a heart. Couples need to go into 2013 with a goal of putting your relationship first and learn that love does not happen unless two people are involved in the relationship and are working TOGETHER to make things happen. If you love the person you’re with never stop fighting for the love you have spent time building together. Listen to each other and compromise on things you will find that goes a long way than cheating and hurting someone. A lasting love is one that gets further when a couple talks about their issues instead of using reasons and excuses to get by to avoid communicating. Go well and have a happy new year :-)

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  • Sigi: I agree with you that talking to your partner openly is the basis for a good relationship.Why do you think seeking advice from someone is bad for the relationship? I find that talking to someone I trust gives me a new prospective on issues I have with my partner.
  • QueensLogic: I think that sometimes it’s best not to involve other people in your relationship because some advice may not always be appropriate. Part of working on your relationship is to keep things strictly between you and your partner. It’s not unusual for people to confide in someone they trust, but not everyone should really be at liberty to know what all happens between you and your partner. I found over time that with me and my boyfriend that we have struggled to be more open with our communication, but also keeping some people out of our relationship. Couples that involve too many people in their issues are less likely to work them out in the long run when too many people know about the issues and to who and what is all involved.

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