Getting Back Together - Ex Has No Feelings

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I split up with my girlfriend of 4 years, as i felt i no longer had feelings for her.. and thought i needed someone new. we had about 2 months without contact and i thought i was happy until i heard she was moving on with a friend of mine, they were just talking/meeting up. The ex and me started speaking again, and i started realizing more and more that i loved her, she was attentive, cute, loving, trustworthy.. however now she say’s that she doesnt know how she feels about me? we have been on a date where she felt no real connection.. however i think theres more to it as i did cheat on her a few years back which i dont think she has ever got really over it, as i was foolish and lied many times about it and other foolish things.

Back to the present however, i notice she acts as i did when i came to the conclusion that i had no feelings for her! I really want her back, ive changed so much since we split up and want to share my life with her but i just dont know what i can do anymore :/ !?

any advice or assistance would be pretty useful

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