He Cheated TWICE, How To Get Through The Pain??

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So I found out my boyfriend cheated on me after about a year and a half of us dating and I immediately broke up with him and took my space. Over the next few months he had done a lot to show his remorse and I really felt as though he understood the severity of what he had done and I loved him enough to try and work things out. We got back together and were together for another 8 months when I found out that he had cheated AGAIN with a different girl. Because of what he has done to me it makes it easy to walk away from someone so cruel but I am really struggling with how to move past the pain it has caused me. Does anyone have any advice on how to get through this? I obviously have left him but I am now left with so much pain because of all the deception and the lies that I thought were true and genuine. How can someone tell you to your face that he could never put you through the same pain again and never cheat again when its all lies? He sent me messages the day after I left him telling me how we are meant to be together and how I am the love of his life. Is this just blatant manipulation or do you think he really believes the words he says?

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