HOT TOPIC: (For fellas and Ladies) Ladies, what is your opin...

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HOT TOPIC: (For fellas and Ladies) Ladies, what is your opinion and thoughts of being called a **** by your boyfriend/husband...etc. Is is worth getting bent out of shape over? Fellas, What is your take on this? Do you feel that women should be getting bent out of shape it that is how they are acting? I'm real curious on your thoughts and opinions.

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The question can be answered in reverse: How would "fellas" like to be called that?

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There are two made meanings.

One would be- a woman with a spicy attractive attitude, and style.

The other one would be- a low down dirty dogg.

One is just a lesser evil to me, it's the sound that just don't feel right.

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If its said in a jesting way, i.e i was being a **** then i dont mind...but if he called me it all the time he would end up finding something missing in his trouser department!!


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