How much time should i wait to try to reconnect with my ex?? Well Its been ...

How much time should i wait to try to reconnect with my ex??

Well Its been almost 3 weeks post breakup and i tried to talk to her 5 days post breakup and She did answer but we couldnt meet up. We had a very intense relationship for 4 months but She lost attraction for me and said that i reserves better and that She wants to still be very close to me ( so She basically said She deserves better and that right now im not an option?). After that i realised i made her feel ONLY as a friend and by not loving my life i drove her away.

Ive been more focused on me since then. Im investing my time on getting better on college, ive been getting in even better shape( back to being shreded like i used to be when i met her), i finally have been able to deal with my personal problema and im more confident than i ever was!

I now am happy with myself and my life, and i understood that i can be way better than i though. I dont need her to be happy but i want her to be the person i share my happyness with. I know this is not a decision based only on my personal wants but i wanted to know how much more time should i wait to contact her and What would be the best course of action.

Thank you very much for your time and please help me figure out the best plan.

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BUMP! please help me out on this one

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