How To Make A Relationship Work? Read About It In January’s BOTM Posts

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Last month we started a new contest here on RT in the hope it will become a tradition. For those of you who missed on the action here is a short summary. We had wonderful posts submitted for the contest, all on the subject of long term relationships. If you seek advice on your relationship, I’m pretty sure you will find something that you can relate to in one of this posts.

The winner post is Marriage The Long Term Relationship Written by gummybears. He has a lot to tell you about marriage, and what it means to him. If you are in a long term relationship, or you just started dating, you probably have an opinion about marriage. Did you ever think about the true nature of marriage and who is actually involved in it? Read gummy’s post for some insight on the subject.

Gummybears wrote about his thoughts on LTR in two other posts, both of them try to find out why do we want relationship so much. Is it our nature or some kind of addiction?

Another contestant is heartsbreak who tries to understand why we pressure our partner into marriage. Ladies and gentleman she has some tips for you read about them in her
In It To Win It. A Long Term Relationship That Stands The Test Of Time blog post.

Heartsbreak has some tips to keep your relationship alive so you both don’t turn into relationship “zombies”. It’s not complicated, just don’t give in to routine, read her blog post for more helpful tips.

Genieinabottle has a lot of experience with long term relationships, she shared some of this experience and covered most of the challenges we face in a relationship. When things go wrong there is always a reason and on her second entry Genie lists ten behaviors that will sabotage your relationship.

We All want to be happy with our loved one, right? Johnny Nicks will help you achieve that (have a sense of humor and don’t forget to keep communications channels open!) read some more for a complete guide.

February’s contest has already started, you are welcomed to submit posts about your memorable valentine’s day and maybe you will win the “blogger of the month” shield and T shirt!

You can submit posts here.

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