How To Rebuild Trust

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20130112_MG_3487.jpgCreative Commons License courtesy of Dhammika Heenpella / Images of Sri Lanka

How to rebuild trust:

It may take months or years, but the first step is to clearly apologise and explain (if you can) why you did what you did and why you will never do whatever it was again.

In future, always do what you say you are going to do. Don’t promise things and then don’t deliver what you promised. Don’t be late for dates. Never say you will call and then don’t.

Stand by your partner through thick and thin.

Build your partner’s confidence in themselves. Take time to compliment them, especially in front of others, shows you are willing to go out on a limb for them.

Show an interest in their hobbies or interests says “you mean more to me than anyone else.”

Try not to have differing opinions, expectations, hopes, and dreams.

Try to minimise arguments. How you reach a solution to your problems or compromise when you have a different set of wants or needs is an important element of trust. Why? Because working together to solve problems is better than fighting each other.

Spend time asking what their needs are, and meeting them if at all possible. And where it is not possible, explain why.

If all else fails, giving them all your passwords to your email and social media accounts ;)

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  • gummybears: lol! I loved the last line!!! give away all passwords! :D
  • Lynne: Very interesting post. Trust is very important in every relationship. Rebuilding trust is not an easy thing to do. Need to give your full commitment and let them feel that they are important.
  • Johnny Nicks: Thanks Lynne.
  • Johnny Nicks: So the passwords give away is a no-no for you Gummy? :)

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