“I Thought I Saw A Sign Somewhere Between The Lines, Maybe It’s Me, Maybe I Only See What I Want...”

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-Marianas Trench

i just wish he’d see I could easily be everything he’s looking for.

how do I get someone who I put in the friendzone out of the friendzone? it’s like I talk to this guy about everything, and I keep him I’m the friendzone just because I like him being that one guy I can tell anything to. I mean I don’t even know if he actually likes me, but he’s shown some kind of interest every now and then, but it’s like every time I say something stupid to shut him down. I almost want to believe that maybe he does like me, and he’s afraid to say what he’s really thinking just like I am. I just feel like half the time I can’t say what I want to because I’m afraid that he’s not thinking the same thing I am, and that will just demolish the friendship. it would just make things awkward. let’s say even if we did express feelings for eachother and we decide to give things a shot, and then they don’t work out? then I lose him as a friend anyway even when we did try things? What if he thinks its weird that I’ve just recently started to admit that I’ve kinda always liked him, and then he ends up just pushing me away from him? What if I admit what I’m really thinking and he doesn’t want to be my friend anymore.

I just can’t bring myself to admit anything because once I do that, then wheres no turning back.

I mean I like being his friend and all but I just get jealous when he talks about girls or dating advice. I mean I could so easily be all that he’s ever wanted in a girlfriend, I honestly believe I could be that for him, but how am I supposed to know that knowing I don’t even have a chance just because I’m afraid to admit whatever feelings I think I’m starting to have? I just don’t even know how to bring it up or how to go about it. I guess more than anything I’m just afraid he isn’t interested in me like I think I am with him, and I’ll just end up feeling like a fool because I read the signs wrong. I just wish I had the courage to be straight up about it and just confront him, but that’s a whole lot easier said then done.

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  • Sigi: It is hard to show your feelings when you are not sure he feels the same way,I think you should try to give a little hint and see how he reacts.
  • 86chrysanthemum: :) I had exact feeling like you, 3 years ago, for my fiance today^^. It’s really good to recall it. My girl, real love is not afraid of anything, i loved him in pretty much first touches we had, but he could not tell me, because he broke up with his girlfriend earlier and lots of things going through his life. I had been with him, I can see he had feeling for me too, but he just doesnt have the gut to admit it. So we kept the distance, while I really care him with my all heart. I came his place cook for him, we went to park for chatting, I lent him money to help him out of his trouble, I tried to give him tutorial, with my horrible English, and 1 day, i could not help myself to tell him, that i love him, yeh, then i tried hard to hide myself from him, how embarrassing!! After a little surpised, my man said he wants to take care of me, i just feel i couldnt be safe when im with him. Every day i wake up, i really thank God for this man of my life

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