I’m Thinking About My Affair Partner Constantly !

I’m still a married man after a four year affair with a woman I became emotionally attached to. I live back with my wife now and two chiRecently divorce was supposed to be final next month. I made the decision to work through it with my wife and rebuild what we once had along time ago....she agreed. My affair partner still wanted to stay in touch to see how I was. This lasted about a week and a half. My wife new I was still talking to her. Finally I ended the talking daily,I told her I cannot talk to her and not be with her. That was extremely tough. I deleted all her pictures, Facebook (friends and family) ,phone numbers of friends and family,and I blocked her number from my phone. Problem is everywhere I go and everything I do reminds me of something we did ...24/7. I’m having trouble sleeping(alone...of course). I’m afraid to face the day. It’s only been a short time...but it’s tearing me apart! I know I’m doing the right thing...I just want the pain and thoughts of her to go away.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.

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