In All Of My Relationships Why Does The Guy Always Have The Upper Hand? Is It Me??

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In high school I had a bad breakup. I was in a relationship for 2 years with this guy that I thought I was in “love” with. I see now that it was not love and I learned a lot from that relationship but then and even now all the guys that I’ve talked to/ hung out with have always had the upper hand. I always put of effort into the relationship. But expect them to do the same. And then get mad when they don’t. Ive have been talking to this guy since August, when we first started talking he seemed not like the other guys at all, really nice, fed up with girls playing mind game, he said he wanted something real. ( Also I need to add he lives 2 hours away. Hes 24 I’m 23) we met and have hung out twice since then. I got to spend the night with him and there seemed to be a connection. (no we didn’t have sex) but I really liked him after that. We used to txt good morning and good night, now we never do. We haven’t got to hang out because he likes to hunt a lot and now he works 6 10hr days a week and says he can’t hangout because he’s tired and busy with work. I understand that, but I’ve tried like 4 times to invited him to come hang out and for some reason he can’t. And he feels bad about it. But now he hardly ever texts me cause I work days and he works nights. But I always try to find time to text him. I feel like I’m always putting in the effort. Its not fair. I really like him, he has all the qualities I want in a guy. But idk what to do. I want to keep talking to him, but i don’t want to continue to put in all the effort. I can never be the one to end things if I wanted to. He works those hours til June. Is it me? Do I fall too hard, too fast? I like to be cautious with men cause I don’t want to get my heart broke again, but it’s hard to do that when I really like this guy. I don’t know why I like a guy that doesn’t put in that much effort? Do I wait it out til June and ignore him? I think if we hung out it would change a lot of things. :/ ... please give some advice!

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  • MissValentine: I think you should hang in there and see if things change. Relationships can be hard when he works so many hours! See if things change when his work hours change :)
    Hopefully they do
  • Countrygirl07: Ok thanks for commenting!

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