Is It Possible For Me To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back If I Was Clingy?

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im not giving up on trying to get my ex back. She doesn’t like me how she used to because i pushed her away for being clingy. She told me she wanted a break which stressed me out and hurt me and made me scared, i felt that this made me clingier. After she broke up with me i realized that she just needed space all along but she was afraid that our break would back-fire which scared me even more. Her being scared stressed me out i guess. I realized why clingy was a bad thing. If you’re with someone 24/7 they’ll just get used to you being there i guess and bored as well. But if you’re not there all the time you’d be more “valuable”

How can i make her miss me and like me again? (We’ve dated for 2 years.) Now that i know if i just gave her space she would’ve liked me more but she was making me stressed out i lost control and got scared and was “drunk under love”. I want to get her back, she didnt want to break up either yet she didnt want to be in a boring relationship without a flame.

Please help me im so confused, What should i do now, how should i talk to her, how can i show her im not clingy and that we can fix things again?

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  • gummybears: evenr consider persuing your own interests? this would solve most of your problems.
  • Bman96: My life was so much fun when she was in it, now its not the same
  • gummybears: your happiness was reliant on her. that’s bad. that leads to being clingy.
    you have to find interests that suit you, for you. this means you get your own life. which leads to someone being attracted to you... even the ex.
    once you persue things you like to do then it will all fall I to place again.
    you are an individual, your ex is an individual. all you did was place all your interest In a relationship. a relationship should be only part of what you do. you need more to do.
    can you see this?
  • Bman96: Well she was bored of me being there all the time, maybe if i got more active and spent time with friends she would’ve liked me more. But she thought i was quiet. Now im starting to talk more and i feel like im being fun, this is the side of me she would’ve been more attracted to. A guy who spends time with his friends and then some time with his girl. I spent most of my time with her because i didn’t want to be a bad boyfriend, i didn’t know what clingy meant back then but now that i do, maybe i can show her that im not clingy and that i can be fun to be around
  • gummybears: who’s definition of "bad boyfriend" are you following?
  • Bman96: well she’s my first and i’ve never been a boyfriend before. But the ideal image of a bad boyfriend in my definition is a man not spending time with his girl, being unfaithful, a ****, and not caring or paying attention etc.
  • gummybears: " the ideal image of a bad boyfriend in my definition is a man not spending time with his girl, being unfaithful, a ****, and not caring or paying attention etc."
    ok, this is a pretty good definition. :)
    but it doesn’t say to spend ALL your time with her. do you think you might have been over-compensating a little?
  • Bman96: Yes. i’ve realized that she saw me too much, it was just because i only saw her during school, i would always try for us to hangout but she was just too scared to ask her mom. So i guess i was just spending the time that i wanted to spend with her, during school instead of outside of school. We never got to hangout during summer vacation at all and i missed her so much, i guess i was just letting out all the feelings i held in during that time as well.

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