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My boyfriends (44) with me(35) together 7 month

I know him since when I join the company; he is one of my bosses, we take know each other 2 month, after he request from my mum wanted me stay with him together and he will take care of me .

he got one sick auntie (no married) (cancer sickness) and him only.

After we stay 4 month, we having a lot of argue, 2 week one time argues, he is drinker, but he told me his not. 4 can per night, and I cannot follow, but the place, he go just after few streets, is not far.

After few argue, he decide go with me, so we less argue.

Next argue, why every night drink? After this argues, he less go there for drink, is become 4 days/per week

But each time argue, I angry, I go outside, But every time, he will call me, and asked me go back home. Don’t stay outside, and asked me don’t go.

What he promises me. Every month the expenses, he provide, every way he goes, he will not leave me alone. Except business. So I agree.

And now he already start tired of argue, he told me don’t argue again. He feels unlucky, because of his business having a problem, his auntie having a cancer, and nobody can help him.

And now he also less calls me during when I back to my parent home. He say, no need to call more of the time, as long the heart is there. Because I just back there one night only, I leave morning, and go back to his place on next day.

So he say don’t make noise about it. He doesn’t like.

he angry me some time back home lately, no inform him want to go dinner or not, so he say no point wait for me on next time ,But I am sad, so I go to beach take break.

He says after knowing me, he feels unlucky, he feels unhappy, but I am unhappy too, because each time he scold me time, the word come out from his mouth is dirty word .

Example: **** *****, stupid women, talk too much, **** noise, and he is unlucky because he knowing me

Sometime he say he really love me, just because he business get stuck so, he feel bad mood and he feel stress, and now he also because of me, argue with his shared partner, because other partner want me to resign, but he protect me.

I request separated, due to too much argue, but finally he push me fall down at midnight, and he also asked me go back and don’t stay there again. So I agree. But the end, he hugs me, don’t go…. And he says the last chance he given me . Please don’t do again.

Due to this few weeks, he angry me because when he go outstation, he told me to help take care his cancer auntie, bought her a food or stay with her on house, but I am scare. At home nobody , only 2 women, i too scare because few day before got snake at his home, so I go back my parent home, and I leave the auntie one person at home. At the sometime , I angry he leave me and his auntie at home , and he not even call out concern the home status, when I call out , he said to me, you are not kid, why should I call, wow… is it too much as I thinking, is his auntie. Not me. But their other team family scolds him, because at home nobody takes care of his cancer auntie. So he turns to me. He says I don’t help him. So I refuse, I am just you GF, and I scare alone at home, once anything happen on night, I don’t know how to do. But he say when i argue with him the time, why I never think dangerous, I just go out, and now I say I scare! So I said, you should ask you team family who come to stay here one night or how. Is not leave for me! I don’t know much her. I just stay here 4 month, and I less chat with her. So….. How do I know? You want me to get food for her, I do, but other less, I cannot do much. And I am thinking (Some more now she sick (got cancer) if on midnight anything happen. Maybe your will blame me because of food or blab la….)

Sometime we plan go to hiking, but when is time, he shouting me is it no time, faster wake up and go. Don’t lazy on bed.

Sometime I asked for kiss, he said, always kiss, and can get what?

If kiss get can have a life, so we no need money to buy food or use. Huh …

But when he wants sex, I say I don’t want, so he said, why? But he still want it.if not, he said I outside got other men.

Sometime he said, after I resign from the companies, I no need work, he will take care of me, money he will support me, but the thing he wants is I don’t make noise all the time. At now he asked me where I would like to go on weekend, I suggest, he will reply me, do you think I am too free or what? So normally we only go on cinema, sometime pub.

And now he is stress is because his auntie is sick and he project got problem, and his companies shared partner trying to do bad to me. This all he have to able handle it.

I am realize there , my BF like to fight back when each time talking.

Each question, each answer , he must fight back, if I does good, he still say , is it because he is with me. Is showing show out.

But when think about all the word and thing he does for me. I am confused.

What should I do?

Try to understand him? Does he love me?

Or when the men face the stress will like this?

Tell me. Please

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