Miss My Sons Mother, Been Broken Up 5 Months...

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Hi everyone i recently am hurting now more than ever. Me and my ex where together for 3 years and have a 14 month old son together. We broke up 5 months ago. It was 3 years ago i was 18 she was 17 we instantly hit it off we both described it as love at first sight. Our relationship steadily progressed even though we lived an hour apart driving to see her while she had no car turned into me getting an apartment near her. We played house and her final year of highschool we were young and dumb but wanted a family and didn’t want to be separated so we tried to have a kid while she was ovulating. a week later she broke up with me went partying n clubbing then after 3 months she got a pregnancy test confirming a child. we grew closer got a place together went on dates, had massage nites, etc then at 7 months pregnant her best friend spilled the guts telling me she slept with another guy during ovulation. I instantly became depressed but a week later tried to forget and focus on the child. He popped out did a blood test he was mine but the feeling came back, it got worse and i made excuses to move us 45 mins away from her parents in her hometown to ensure she wouldn’t “catch up” with old guy friends it but honestly i never emotionally came back we bickered and found out she talked to her ex while i was at work. she moved to her parents and within the first 2 weeks she went on a date, sent pics to guys, and progressively kept grinding on guys at clubs and ditched her 2 best friends that are also 21 yr old moms for her new single friends. shes now a bartender and is in her 1st semester of community college i took off an hour away to get away after i found out another guy was around my son. i came back and she refuses to give up guy friends even know she never had them before, she lies, clubs, and keeps my son from me. she tells me she misses and cares but says she isn’t ready to open up. before i found out about the guy we were perfect and i hold onto that but i miss her and my son, i held off on custody thinking it would push her away more. she’s a good mom but i miss the old her, she admits she’s living false happiness but doesn’t change. her parents don’t like me cuz i moved us away and they put there 2 cents in everything and shes immature but gosh i love her. i havent dated clubbed sex flirted nothing. will no contact wake her up? i need some advice because i feel im not doing anything positive by saying i wanna be a family she just ignores it. what should i do? i cant sleep or eat regularly i miss my family. also i have 6 months til i leave for the army id love to fix things and provide a good life and give my son the g.i. bill but i need her to earn my trust and unconditional love. she makes it all about her. thanks every one

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