Move On Or Get Back Together...?

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okay so really need help here. I am a 16 year old girl and am a sophomore in highschool. i move a lot because my stepdad is in the military. This year i moved to a new school and met a boy named keith. First let me give a little background. In middle school and first year of high school i was a scrwany flat-chested kid who never fit in. I got made fun of a lot and i always had some self esteem issues. Never in my life had i had a boy who liked me. (well at least one that i returned that liking) When ever i liked a boy i always watched him from afar never telling him or anybody else how i felt. but in 8th grade i fell in “love”. obviously the feeling was not mutual. After thati moved again. Starting a new school especially for the first year of hs was hard but the move after that year was worst. So this past summer i decided to change my ways. i was going to dress nicer be healthier and try harder in school. About a month into school i started noticing a boy in my spanish class. it turned out his best friend was in another one of my classes and we were already becoming friends. So i told him for some reason i liked keith. He immediatly tried to hook us up which i told him not to and from there things just kind of happened. flash foward three months and heith and i had been “talking” for quite some time. We never held hands for kissed. A single hug after our second date was all i gave him. I of course was so shy and awkward. Lots of peoplemade fun of me for not kissing him and caling us an awkward pair. In december he asked me out officially and i said yes. two weeks later i broke up with him. WHy? i have no freakin clue. So many reasons i could say....I was embarrassed of our relationship, i didnt like him as much as i thought i did, i didnt like having a bf...who knows. Now it is march and all i still do is think about him. I have no cue whats wrong with e or why im so confused. all i know is i havent been able to stop thinking about him since december. So do move on or apologize and get back together with him? And how do i move on if i cant get him out of my head.... and if i get back together with him how do iknow a couple months later i wont feel differently...? I just cant decide.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a

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