My Gf Has The Perfect Boyfriend But Still Leaves! Why!!

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Me(22)and my girlfriend (19)have been together for 2 years! I love her loads and she always called me the perfect boyfriend! I would always buy her gifts, flowers, take her out for meals! Give her lifts, be supportive when she needed it! Cuddle her when she was cold, be a shoulder to cry on then when she’s upset! Everything a lad could do to be a perfect boyfriend! The only thing I didn’t do is text her all day ( I hate textin and prefer to talk face to face) and also was prob late a few times when pickin her up! Nothin to serious!

we saw each other probably 3-4 days a week! I never stopped her or had a problem when she wanted a night out with the girls ( and when they were out I never texted her to keep tabs like some lads) we didn’t spend to much time together!

Anyways everything was going fine in my eyes until last week when she suddenly left me! I was in shock! She said she didn’t feel the same! And that I was a perfect boyfrieShebat she wants to be independent!

What is that all about!?

she completely left me and she did it like she didn’t even care! I was so shocked that I did unusual boyfriend thing ofbegging for her back and that I was sorry (not knowing what for) which obviously pushing her away even more! After a week she was already dating other lads which just put me in so much pain! Even her friends were in shock since they like me.

What have I done wrong?

Why is this such a common thing with girls just throwing away their boyfriends coz they have gotten bored!?

Feel so lost! :( just want her back! How can I get her back?

Its the second gf to do this and I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong! I can understand if I was a jobless fatty who did nothing but play video games but I’m a athletic, Outgoing fireman who is always got to be doing something!

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a

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  • MissValentine: Maybe they wanted to talk about commitment? Though, 2 years is a short time for some people. For others it’s long and they want to know their partners see a future with them. Did you two ever talk about your futures?
    Other then that I’m not sure why she would say she wants to be independent but then goes out with other men.

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