my girlfriend and i are taking a "temporary break" with talk...

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my girlfriend and i are taking a "temporary break" with talking allowed and following all the rules of a normal relationship because she said that she is confused. she said that she didnt wanna break up with me because she didnt want to realize how she felt about me and lose me forever. but she just got out of a relationship before we started going out (2 months) and didnt know if i was a rebound or something more. i figured that i would not talk to her during our break and let her talk to me first if she wanted. Well she talked first and it was just a random text about her day. I was wondering if i should reply to it or wait

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Sorry this is late, respond to her. She still wants to be close with you and see if she has any other feelings other than companionship. Just keep the conversation going with her, tell her about her day and ask about hers. Hope all went/is going well.

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