My Girlfriend Broke Up With Little To No Reason/please Help Me Understand

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I need help here guys! My girlfriend, who I’ve been dating for about a year now and also been living with for like 8 months out of nowhere decided to break up with me and I don’t know why?

Everything was perfect, we had everything in common and hated the same things. We complimented each other perfectly in every way possible. Also, Im 25 and she’s 23. I was just at my buddies house and got a random text saying I needed to come home so we could talk about us. When I got there she sat me down and explained that she doesn’t think we should be living together anymore because she feels she doesn’t confidently love me anymore!

I was totally devastated by this, one night everything is perfect and the next Im packing up. She went on explaining that she feels she wants to get more in touch with her faith. Now a quick background story to help all of you get the picture, her family is a pretty religious family who goes to church all the time and prays before every meal, which I have no problem with that and have joined them at church before. Also, when I met her, she was a virgin and about 6 months into the relationship we finally started having sex on a regular basis.

When she was explaining things to me, she said things like I did nothing to cause this. She said it would have been easier if something happened because then we could just talk about it and figure things out. When I started asking questions as to why this is happening, the only question I got a pause on, which to me seems like could be the reason or one of them, was when I asked her if this was happening because of her feeling guilty about breaking her faith.

Like I said before, when we met she was a virgin, never cursed and always went to church. After I moved in she started cussing, having sex with me and not going to church as often, I didn’t force her to do all those things, it was purely her decision. When I continued asking questions, she said she doesn’t have a black and white answer for me, that she just doesn’t feel confident that she truely loves me anymore. I was so devastated because this just came out of nowhere, there were no signs leading up to this at all!

Now at first when we talked, she made it seem like it was over for good and no chance of trying again. After a couple more talks with her, she admitted also that she may just have been getting sick of me but I told her if that was the case why didn’t she bring it up so we could talk about it and figure something out. She now says that maybe we need a month or so apart to see how things go and how we feel after a month and see if we want to get back together after that.

Its only been a week since we broke up but I can’t stop thinking of her, she was my everything, she was perfect to me and I would have done anything for her! We always talked about the future and we even made a bunch of plans to do things this summer. I just don’t know what to do! Im a mess without her!

One thing I did notice though is after we broke up, a few days later I came back to get my stuff and she had all my stuff all out and ready to go, but I saw on her fridge pictures of us, she moved them but didn’t get rid of them also theres a rose I gave her when we first met that she flattened into a picture frame that still remained there. I don’t know what that means? If she does still have feelings for me, even if there faint or what? I asked her about that and she acknowledged that she left them there but said no more.

We are still friends too, I don’t want to loose her completely! The other day though after I moved my stuff out, I got a random text saying that she didn’t realize that she would be this lonely! I don’t if thats her way of saying maybe she made a mistake or not?

The way im seeing it is im on a fine line, I want to give her the space she needs since I think thats one of the reasons she did this but I don’t want to cut her loose to much because I don’t want to loose her, I still want to remind her every once in a while that Im still there for her and still care about her, but I don’t want to bombard her to much with those kind of texts because im afraid that might drive her away more!

Thanks to whoever to the time to read this! Also please, if you have any ideas that could help me understand or tips on what to do, please feel free to let me know. I would highly appreciate it!

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