My Girlfriend Of Six Years Relationship Left Me For Another Guy...

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my girlfriend just left me yesterday. i am so devastated i cannot eat or sleep i feel so voided in my heart. she told me i didnt appreciate her and ive been hurting her for a few years..i have always appreciated her i sacrificed everything for her my money my education even my happiness so that we could be together and have a family..shhe said this guy she met has shown her care, love and appreciation better than me..she was my first love and i told her she would be my last..but now my life is meaningless..although im typing now im crying my heart so tearful..i told her i pleaded to her to come back to me in my arms..but she said she doesnt feel the same like how i treated her last time. but she told me she still loves me a bit..i have tried everything you can imagine..i dont know what to do..when she told me that she wants to break up i told her i will be waiting for her and i made her promise me tat she would come back to me if she was broken hearted or dumped so that i could take care of her and love her like i used give me a i dont know what to do..she really means the whole world to me..

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  • Arizona: Same thing happened to me...lets face it,she might not return back...
    Like mine...
    my lovely ex will get married next month with a guy...
    We talk once a week now...
    Anyways the good part is that she always
    needs my money.... This time for buying an expensive suit for the **** groom ...
    I’ve tried to replace her with someone else, but where I live its not easy to talk about such things ... & fall in love with another girl...cuz it might cost yr life...
    So just think of yr self....& take the opportunity & get A new gf... At least you can try... & find me one too ;) good luck
  • Andrew: Well, I know how you feel cause I been in your situation year ago.
    She left out of the blue after 5 years of what I taught was a great relationship. Did same , shade trees ,called ,asked why . There was no answers , all I got was that she doesn’t love me as before.
    Year later I found out that there was another guy way before she left , and than when this one didn’t workout she went for some old geezer in Florida.
    My advice is , Don’t put your life on hold , I did that and it was a waist of time . Never make someone priority when they consider you only as an option.
    You will heart for some time but eventually you will be fine. Eventually you will find maybe not another person but your self as a stronger better person.
    Good luck Dude.
  • bomblover: I was at similar situation .just move on.I am sure that in 1 year you will have forget him
  • Someone: From a girl to (apparently) four guys. You’ve been dating your girlfriends for years and years and haven’t made a commitment !!! What do you expect, really ... Of course she’ll leave you for another guy and soon enough you’ll find out she’s getting married to someone, who wasn’t afraid of commitment. Just learn your lesson and don’t make the same mistake next time around.
  • zye: its alright. im with the same situation. just let her go and make yourself better so she’ll regret the day she dumped you. goodluck

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