My Relationship Is Going Downhill...Need Women Or Men Advice Please. :(

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Me and my boyfriend have been together for a little over six months now, we live together and are happy for the most part.

In the beginning of our relationship (the first three months) we had a great sex life, he was perfect in every way, especially sex., but the past few weeks have been kinda tense and stressful. We rarely have sex anymore, he alwaaaaays watches ***** and never wants to have sex. When hes in the mood, instead of asking me, he will “pleasure himself” and watch *****. I always tell him how i want to have sex and i feel like we rarely do it, it always ends up in an arguement. He says hes always watched ***** and has pleasured himself it and its not gonna change so get used to it or find someone who constantly wants to have sex. Most of the time, he goes limp or just asks if he can go finish in the bathroom. Ive looked up sex tips and ways to spice it up, doesnt work. Im not sure what to do, im so stressed and i would never cheat on him, but i really need to have sex more. atleast three times a week. Whenever i try to make a move hes either “tired or not in the mood” but hes so quick to “pleasure himself”. It hurts me alot knowing he cant get off to me but can to these actress’s in *****. I feel so self concious and disgusted with myself now. We always fight about it and im not sure what to do or how to resolve this. I am in love with this guy, and things are great besides this issue but its starting to put a strain on other parts of our relationship. Please give me some advice, nothing negative. Anything helps please :(

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • gummybears: this is becoming common.
    although you feel as though this has something to do with you and how sexy you are, it has nothing to do with that. :).
    sex and *****, affect the brain differently. you can be the sexiest thing on the planet, and when faced with guy who’s hardwired to *****.... its like comparing apples to bumblebees!
    our brain makes highways that strengthen with more time and use. if he’s been watching ***** for along time, then these pathways have become superhighways for that specific stimulation.
    if you want to switch him from ***** to norm...then you’ll have to educate yourself and him. (as much as you can) he has to be on board though.
    read and watch this with him if you can and see how it goes.
  • MissLovely: Thank you lots! :)
  • gummybears: :)
    you are super welcome! I hope it goes well, and if possible... could you update on how its going? many people face this same problem.

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