Need Some Serious Advice About A Girl I Just Met, Can Anyone Help?

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So...I met this girl on a dating site, we decided to exchange numbers so we could get to know each other better. We spent a lot of time texting and talking on the phone throughout the week. I felt that our vibe was great, I was totally into her and I knew that she was totally into me.

A couple of nights before we actually met, she told me that the guy she was talking to for 3 months finally texted her (One night on the phone she mentioned that this guy had talked to her about 3 months, and when they finally had sex he completely blew her off, didn’t text or call her at all). I asked her if he gave her an explanation, she said he said ” I was busy and forgot,” then I told her that was bull ****, like who forgets about someone after you’ve had sex with them?? I soon changed the subject and begin to talk about the weekend, she was off work and didn’t have any plans, unfortunately I had to work 2-12. I really wanted to meet her so we agreed to meet late in the morning to have breakfast. The next day she came over to my place and we went and had breakfast at Ihop, we spent about 2 hours there chatting it up, then finally I asked if she was ready to go. We left and went back to my place (it was about noon, a couple of hours before work), when we got there we continued to talk more with each other, the vibes were so great I decided to make the first move. We ended up kissing and one thing led to another and the next thing I know we are having sex! Towards the end she begin to cry, so I stopped and asked if she alright and why she was crying..she was quite about 5 minutes before she decided to open up, she explained that she felt bad for doing it the first time and didnt understand how she put herself in the same situation again..I told her “it wasn’t her fault and that I shouldn’t have tempted you so much” (At that moment I hated the guy that blew her off because she brought it up). It was 2pm and time for me to go to work, we both got dressed and went outside of my apartment, when we got to her car I gave her hug and talked about 15mins. She was smiling and joking around with me I felt that even though she had a minor break down we were “ok”

So.. its a couple days later (Monday) and we text throughout the day. I asked about her schedule this week and she told me that it was busy until the weekend. Instead of waiting until the weekend I decided to ask her out after work since I was going to be in her area (I live 45mins from her). She told me that it was fine, but she had to be in bed by 10:30 since she’s working all day Tuesday. I told her that was fine, we decided to do a movie, I got there first.. most of the movies didnt start until after 8:30 (like a dumb **** I didn’t think about how long they were or if I should just tell her that we’ll do a movie another time since she had to be in bed by 10:30) then she finally arrived and I paid for the movie, before the movie started we were talking and laughing she was telling me about her day, then once the movie started we were quite, throughout the movie I sensed that she was tired, bored, and ready to get home into bed.. I begin to think and started feeling bad because I knew that this was a horrible mistake.. the movie ended about 11:00, I walked her out to her car, she gave me a hug and kiss, and went home.

The next day we texted I thought everything was well, but then she mentioned that “I wasn’t terribly happy last night and (unless something changes) I don’t think that i’m interested,” when I saw the text I knew that I **** up last night..I soon gave her a call, we talked about last night..apparently she wasn’t happy with the time she got out of the movie (which I already knew) then she started mentioning that she likes it when things are better planned out, then finally mentioned she didn’t like how overly concerned I was about her last night. I told her that I was like that because I knew I made a bad decision going to the movie.

Since the talk on the phone with her I felt things have gone down hill... we don’t text or talk on the phone as much as we used to. A couple of days later I didn’t text her at all, when I decided to she did respond but the convo was either brief or it took forever to respond. I finally had enough and decided to send a long apology text.. the next morning I got a response from her, she responded by saying “apology accepted,” then I texted her back saying “Thank you..I hope that we can move forward and continue to getting to know each other” since I sent that text I have not heard from her and I don’t feel that I should bother her right now because I don’t want to seem to pushy...

My question to those who have read this whole story, where do I go from here? what more should or can I do? was the apology enough? I really like this girl and would like to see things workout between us. Please advise...

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a

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  • gummybears: she sounds like too much drama too soon to me. there’s other girls out there you know...:)

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