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My boyfirend and i have beeen together for five years now and our relationship is no stronger than it was when we first met. I can honestly say that he has put in alot of effort to make things work out. Me on the other hand have not. I will say i struggle with low self esteem i am a big ball of negative energy and i know no one deserve to go thru anyone esle’s problems. We are not as sexually active as we once were. I find it hard to express myself in certain situations.I have suffer from sexual and emotional abuse growing up. Many time’s like today i won’t coversate with him leaving the house in total silence until my son gets home.I just find it hard to talk or even make a joke when we’re together.He has tried to help me alot with my self esteem and i really don’t know how to accept the help (that may sound strange) I don’t have to many woman in my life that i comfortable with talking to so that’s why i’m here. my relationship is bout over and i need some strong advice from some stronge women. I want everything to workout i just don’t know how to put my emotions and issues aside to have a healthy realtionship.

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  • Johnny Nicks: Hi April
    Sorry to hear your situation. I don’t think the problem is your necessarily your relationship, I would guess that it might be low self-esteem?
    Get hold of copy of this book, it will really help. It has sold 4M copies and is quite cheap.
    Born to Win: Transactional Analysis with Gestalt <email> : Muriel James, Dorothy Jongeward
    Good luck:)

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