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Why Commenting On Other Blogs is Essential To Growing Your Own Blog
On my recent post How to Become a Popular Blogger - 5 Tips for Growing Your BlogTip number 4 was Visit other blogs, both on RT and elsewhere and join the conversation. People love getting ...
by Ruth
Love Is Everywhere! You hold The Keys
key note
I haven't done a roundup for a long time, and am not really doing one today, but I do have a couple of posts I want to mention which are worth a read.The first post from Jozen's blog is a ...
by Ruth
Why Are Headlines Important? 5 Tips For Writing Great Headlines
Last week in my post about how to become a popular blogger, I mentioned the importance of headlines and I would like to expand on that this week. The Headline is the first impression you leave on ...
by Ruth
How to Become a Popular Blogger - 5 Tips for Growing Your Blog
grow your blog
Slowly but steadily more and more people are starting to blog on Relationship Talk. I am not talking about the folk who post once and then disappear into the sunset, but about the people who post ...
by Ruth
From the Blogsphere Speed Dating and Lying by Omission
speed dating
During my usual round on the relationship blogsphere I found a couple of thought provoking posts which I decided to share with you, along with my thoughts: When I was still looking for my life ...
by Ruth
An Image is Worth 1,000 Words - 4 Reasons To Add Images to Your Blog Posts!
a picture is worth 1000 words
The famous phrase, a picture is worth a thousand words, was coined in the 1920's by the famous advertiser, F.R Barnard, who wrote an article in the advertising journal, Printers Ink. Of course, he ...
by Ruth
Weekly Relationship Bloggers Roundup
relationship bloggers
In continuation with what I started last week, I decided to share some posts which resonated as true with me this week. Please do not by shy to click over and join the conversations on these ...
by Ruth
Meet You Neighbors - 4 Great Relationship Blogs
meeting the neighbors
I have noticed that we have several fantastic, home grown bloggers here on Relationship Talk, A trend I hope will not only keep up, but will grow and prosper. To that end, I wanted to write a ...
by Ruth
Why Is It Important For Content To Be Unique?
Book copies
I wanted to explain some of our blog posting rules, since to some they may seem petty and unnecessary. "Blog posts should be original in content (not copied from anywhere else, or published ...
by Ruth
How To Become A Popular Blogger
I have noticed that we are getting more and more serious and dedicated bloggers here on Relationship Talk. There is more to writing a successful blog than just writing it. A blog is more than just ...
by Ruth
Can You imagine Being Married For 77 Years?
old couple
Imagine being 99 years old, married to a 96 year old for no less than 77 years. Can you imagine that? I can't. My mother is 77 years old. She is a grandmother of 6 grandchildren. Can you even begin ...
by Ruth
Happy Holidays? Really?
happy holidays?
Why is it that when the holidays hit, many of us suffer more than usual from our personal status. Those who are single agonize about their singledom. Even if they are happy being single, as many ...
by Ruth
More Ways Technology Effects Relationships
eaves dropping
Since the interview I posted with Randi Gunther, I have been thinking a lot about how technology influences our lives and our relationships. How the fast, quick and clippy way we live has become ...
by Ruth
Q&A With Relationship Expert Randi Gunther: "Anyone can get along when things are going well. It is ...
Randi Picture.jpg
Randi Gunther, Ph.D., Relationship expert, psychologist, marriage counselor and author of Relationship Saboteurs and When Love Stumbles, agreed to answer a few of my questions on relationship in ...
by Ruth
What Are You Thankfull For?
Though most of the world does not celebrate thanks giving, there is something to be said for sitting down, counting your blessings and giving thanks for what you have. Even if you think you are ...
by Ruth
Interview with Sandra Brown, Author of 'Women Who Love Psycopaths' and 'How to Spot a Dangerous Man ...
book cover
Many people wake up one day, and find that life isn't at all what they imagined it to be. The relationship they are in is probably the worst nightmare they could possible imagine - but still, they ...
by Ruth
Do You think Seduction Techniques Can Be Taught?
Techniques and dating are two words I for one, never used together. I might be wrong or old or both, and not quite with it anymore, but those words still seem like a strange combination to me. To ...
by Ruth
The Single Most Important Thing In Love and Marriage
holding hands
Isn't it odd that what seems as if it should be the most natural, therefore, the easiest part of our life is in fact the most complex and often stress filled. Finding love, being in love and ...
by Ruth
5 Cheap and Easy Date Night Ideas
dinner for 2
I have a question for you: when was the last time you went on a date with your partner? If you are like me - you need to stop and think about it, because it was obviously so long ago that it ...
by Ruth
Changing My User Name From Arlene to Ruth
into the light
Don't worry, its still me in here.I am ditching the name ‘Arlene', although I have gotten a little attached to it, trading it in for my real name, Ruth. In case you are confused, I have been ...
by Ruth
Internet Roundup - Waiting and Typecasting Till Death Do Us Part
I read some thought provoking posts about relationships and life in general and thought I share them with you. The first, from Kelly Seal, is about waiting, which we probably spend more than half ...
by Ruth
Do You Know What Your Relationship Will Look Like Down the Road?
mutating couple
Lyssabugg wrote a excellent post about fairy tales. That post, along with the comments got me thinking of the evolution of relationships, the shape and color they have in their first days, and how ...
by Ruth
Was That The Worst Date Ever?
zombies in love
"Wow that was the worst date ever", you think to yourself as you kick of your heels and sink to the couch. "How ever did I end up going out with that person? It was definitely the worst date in ...
by Ruth
How To Make a Break Up Work For You
Every relationship has a beginning, and all of them have, or should have an end. Even the relationships that all of us crave - the happily ever after, till death do us part relationships. No matter ...
by Ruth
Is Honesty Really The Best Policy?
stop secrets
I am pretty sure most people will agree that honesty is the best policy, but somehow, most people don't adhere to it, at least not all of the time.Sometimes, I can totally see why and wouldn't ...
by Ruth
Is It All About the Packaging? How Love Can Surprise You If you Let It
If I would ask any of you right now what would the "love of your life" look like, or be like, I am sure you could all spend at least 5 minutes straight describing them down to the most minute ...
by Ruth
From Around the Web: Misconseptions About Singledom, Sex Strikes and Non Sexual Touching
crossed legs
Some interesting thing from the blogsphere I wanted to share Hundreds of South American women withhold sex from their partners until a road is fixed. Don't you think that is a bit archaic? ...
by Ruth
Dealing With PTSD The Hard Way
I read something today that really shook me to the core. After having been around, seeing and doing stuff, you tend to think that nothing much can shock you anymore, and then life comes round and ...
by Ruth
Summer Lovin' - Do You Want Some Too?
sumer lovin
Summer is officially here, and dating is supposedly at it prime. Supposedly, because like Valentine's day, which is wonderful if you are in love and the bane of your existence if you are not, ...
by Ruth
Love - Its All About The Chemistry. Or Is It?
test tubes
One of the most perplexing things about relationships and love, especially love and lust (or the beginning of a relationship) is the fact that really, its all about science. A lot of people would ...
by Ruth
Link Love - How to Have Faith in Love, What to Do With a Cheating Partner and How to Avoid Predators
predator eyes
I have read a couple of really interesting post this week which I wanted to share with you. there is no real common denominator between them other than the fact that all of them discuss issues that ...
by Ruth
Sexting - Do You Practice it Wisely?
Its funny how certain things in the news get blown way out of proportion. Items that you might perceive as as slightly tabloid in nature, and of no real consequence turn into front page news and ...
by Ruth
***** Walk Goes Viral - Are You Participating?
slutwalk chicago
A while back I posted a post called Should Women Be Blamed For The Conduct Of Men? Which if you remember, was set off by an unfortunate remark made by a police officer in Toronto who suggested, ...
by Ruth
Where is the Elusive "One"?
delicious ambiguity
Lets face it. We are all out there looking for The One. If we aren't, its probably because we have already found them, or think we have. Its starts out being fun and exciting, but after a few ...
by Ruth
How Would You Handle Being Jilted At The Alter?
sad bride
That is a really hard question to answer, and I hope none of us ever have to find out. Unfortunately, this has happens more often than we would like to believe. A 22 year old bride, left at the ...
by Ruth
So This Is How It Works - The Science of Matchmaking!
Looks like fun, and maybe way back when, before the birth of computers or even pens this might have been the way to get yourself a spouse, but no longer. Most of us have experienced some form or ...
by Ruth
Would You Want To Marry a Prince?
kate william
Kate and William got married. Something like one in 3 people world over watched as the royal wedding took place, talking about the hats and the dress and the maid of honors behind. Very romantic. ...
by Ruth
Should Women Be Blamed For the Conduct of Men?
Sometimes I hear or read something that I just can't believe. I am not talking about things that would be hard to believe like sightings of the Yeti, or or a green man having a red baby and such ...
by Ruth
Do You Know Who You Are?
who am I?
Wouldn't you love it if someone could tell you with accuracy what decision to make right now about the most pressing issue in your life? Or if someone else could tell you who you are and stop the ...
by Ruth
Are You Holding Back Or Telling All?
How honest are you in your relationships? I am only talking about your relationships with your lovers but with your friends and family. When I say honest, I don't necessarily mean do you tell bold ...
by Ruth

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