Secret Way Of Telling If Someone Likes You

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I will give you a massive dating secret trick here, so you can tell if your BF/ GF really likes you or not..Please keep it quiet so not many people know.

Ok when you meet them, to do this test, make sure you are in a reasonably bright room, or outside, as you need to look deeply into their eyes to see the size of their pupils (the black bits in the middle of the eyes)

Then ask them if they usually have hot or cold hands? And when you do that, sit or stand right in front of them so you can see their eyes very well.

Look deeply into their eyes to see the size of their pupils and whether they dilate (get bigger) when you then ask if they are hot or cold and then hold their hands in your hands to test if they are hotter or colder than yours. If their pupils get bigger when you hold their hands, it should mean they really like you.

This eye reaction cannot be hidden or controlled, so it is a really good indicator of attraction..

Good luck:)

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  • trisha: Thanks for sharing johnny ;-)
  • Johnny Nicks: Are you going to try it? He is a lucky man;)
  • trisha: No lol. I havent find him yet.
  • Tyler: This is cool! Where did you learn this Johnny? Haha (can’t tell me cuz its a secret)
  • Johnny Nicks: I studied psychology and counselling..
  • Sigi: nice trick! please share more secrets with us:)
  • jade: No need to hold hands at all. A look in the eyes will do. The pupils are getting larger by your presence only (if he/she likes you) I used to make sure the man I’m with see my eyes. Even if they don’t know this trick they usually can feel the change and get the hint ;-)
  • Johnny Nicks: Ahh, but holding hands increases the intensity and reaction.
  • GuestVictoria: No way to tell for me. He has dark eyes and so do I. But good thing I guess is he is always staring at me then looking away quickly when i look back :) .
  • bktom: Jade is correct
  • lovable: i get butterflies in the stomach when i look at his eyes, i’m always shying away. How will i try this secret
  • Johnny Nicks: lovable, you just have to be strong and try your best. One you have done it, it gets easier to do each time.
  • guest: he he what next?
  • Sarah.Wangu: ‘Romance often starts where lighting is low, because our pupils become larger. Our pupils also widen when we are attracted to someone, so our brain thinks of that someone as a potential lover’ Dr. Chris Hart, I read this from an article he had written.
  • Johnny Nicks: Yes. It can be dangerous;)

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