She Thinks Our Relationship Has Changed.

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Hi, ive been together with my girlfriend for over 10 months now in a sort of LDR, and we talk everyday. I am in the military so i cant see her as often and I have depression problems and she understands that; however, starting from August when i went back to my military post away from her (which i spent like 4months having the greatest summer with her)Being away from home and the stressful environment has given me mood swings that frequently gets me to have a fight with my gf. This lowers her energy and gets her sad alot and lately shes been telling me that our relationship is just different now, and she guesses that there is not as much excitement and heart pounding anymore. I felt sad about this and mentioned maybe she doesnt like me the same as i used to, but she got upset telling me why would i say something like that. I just need some advice into how i should reboost this relationship to how it used to be. I feel that just me being away and not being there to try to make her feel like im the best thing for her and treat her right thats whats changing the relationship.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • gummybears: if you are ldr, then always keep combos upbeat and positive if you can. eventually, tho.... you have to meet up kinda regular.
    without seeing each other in tend to lose that luvin feeling.
    got plans to visit her?
  • devilsnear: Yea, but its hard to make plan in the military, next time im home will be in a couple of months, but we have made plans to do somethings.

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