Should You Date Right After A Break Up?

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You always hear you shouldn’t jump into a rebound relationship, that you should wait until you heal before you start looking to get involved in another relationship.

I’m going to disagree and say after a week or two you should look into starting to date again. When I say date, I don’t mean have sex with them, tell them you love them, or anything serious.

However this is what dating does and why it’s a good thing?

1. It gives you someone new to talk to.

2. It gets you out of the house.

3. It can be a good distraction.

4. It’ll make sure you take care of yourself; eat, bath, be merry.

5. Maybe down the road it could lead you in to another relationship (after you’ve healed).

The one thing to look out for is to make sure that you’re clear with the other person. You have to let them know you just got out of a relationship, and you’re looking to take things slow. But you would like to get to know them better, and become friends. And being friends is a huge key in a good, healthy, relationship.

It’s like how you concentrate on work or school. Instead of concentrating on being dumped, concentrate on being single and having many options.

So this Valentines Day, don’t sit around and mope. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. Go with friends to the spa, or go play football. Go on a date. Just get out there and don’t wait for a call or text.

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  • Sigi: Being with someone new can bring interest and help you forget and heal. You just have to be sure you are ready to make that step.
    thank you for the good advice.

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