Solo On Valentine’s Day

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Solo on Valentine’s:
I’m one of the cheesy ones! I love Valentine’s day! Getting teddy bears and chocolates from the one you love. Of course Valentine’s Day’s meaning has been a bit blinded by all the media and things you can buy out there.

But being solo on Valentine’s Day always broke my heart! I hated seeing all the cute stuff at every store I went to even 4 weeks before V-Day!! So last year I told myself that it would be different!
I made V-Day a MY day :)! All about MissValentine it was! I love roses so I bought myself one to put on the table, just one. To remind myself that even though I’m goin solo, I still matter! I convinced a few of my other single friends to have a night on the town! Despite the love in the air.
Many of us don’t have the cash to spend it on a day at the spa so make your bathroom a luxury for the day! Nice warm bubble baths!
If you really feel that chocolate crave: just buy some for yourself! Don’t feel “lame” about it! Your beautiful and worth the chocolates!

If you find that you can’t keep your ex out of your head then do everything you would have done with him/her for yourself! Take a calming stroll in the park, write a poem to yourself, watch that cheesy movie! But remember, it’s a day for YOU! Reinvent Valentine’s Day. Also: to those of you who are feeling super lonely on that day, drop my a message or find someone else on the site online that day.

Happy Valentine’s Day, when it’s here, to you all!

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