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Here is my story .. sorry for long post but i really neeed help...

I was in relationship with this guy Since Nov 2011 , around 2 yrs .He was my colleague in Office .. I didn’t like him at all at first also I was in a long distance relationship (very short lasted only 5 months , 3.5 months as friends) at that time which was not going fine as dat guy was in love with another girl and I was kinda rebound for him .. I had started speaking to him as a friend to take him away of his worries as when I met him he was very depressed and I felt I should do all I can to pull him out of this and i succeded also .. but he could never forget her and I was hurt and decided to move on .. This guy from Office was already interested in me and one fine day was outside my place to pick me for Office .. I was really surprised as he lives opposite to my place.I was really overwhelmed as from him I was getting attention which I was not getting from LDR guy . Days passed and we came close .He will find ways and pick topics to speak to me till one fine day he asked me out .The very first day I felt he is the ‘One’ for me and he also started to feel dat I have started faling for him.He knew I was a tough girl to get as I am attractive , well educated and doing quite well in career too.He played all sorts of games to get me.Before proposing to me he lied dat he is going to join army just to see my reaction and yes as i had started developing feelings for him I started crying .After he was sure , he proposed to me and yess .. I said yess (which I now feel is the biggest mistake).He proposed me for marriage directly and i said we will date and see.From the very first day his family was informed of me and I met his sister spoke to his father and mother and met them too.They all liked me.Everything was like a fairytale to me where i had a guy in completely in love with me and his family supporting me.I had not told my family as I knew there will be issues due to our religion.Then I started noticing his lies to me.I went to his place and realized it was nt the same place he showed to me earlier as his house , also his dad’s designation he lied to me about , his mum’s religion and the biggest was he showed to me his sister’s pic saying she is his ex.Also he had gifted one of his sisters pendant to me .I came to know about this lie after meeting his sister.He was those kind who will make fake fb accounts of girls to show to the world there are many females out there after him.I was taken aback by all this and i told him I can’t continue when he pleaded and said to me he actually had no gf and I am his first and he doesn’t know how to woo a woman and he made a mistake,His mother also called up and convinced me about the same.I was fine and we continued.I even went to a family function hosted by his family where i was introduced as would be daughter in law.Things were great again.He would ask for money from me at regular intervals which he never returned, when we went out I used to be the one paying 80% of the times and at times used to get his phone recharged and pay for petrol whereas we were earning equal ,he had just bought a car and he was short of cash as per him he would tell me the way where i would feel sorry and end up paying.

I had pressure from his family to take this ahead for marriage but i was scared as I was not sure due to his lies (forgot to mention he told me he has quit smoking coz of me which he never did and i found out and he again gifted one of his sisters ear ring which he asked back and he would give me something very nominal and tell me its from a hi fi place just to impress me).But I was really a nice girl i thought with my love I can change this guy and I hv committed to him I will marry him so I need to marry and i loved him sooooo much and he was the first guy i got intimate with (we didn’t have *) and something i never felt before.I told my family about him and there was a chaos when my father will cry in front of me my mom also .. finally it reached my extended family where 2 families met and things were about to get finalized.But guess those who are not pure at heart get scared .. I was not in d best of moods and my family will cry daily they wont sleep eat and I was not able to see them this way also i didnlt want to break this relation I was throwing all my anger at him.It all went for one months when he gave up due to my fights with him and his family abused me and it was called off.I was devastated as d guy who said loved me a lot and family who had introduced me as their daughter in law were behaving totally opposite.He pleaded for 10 days to get me back and i agreed as i loved him too much .He was a totally changed man after this who would not care about me.Also i got to know during that time I was not the first girl in his life he has been with 8,9 woman and no relationship worked for more than 5 months and I was the longest and he never thought of marriage with anyone else.Also his mother knew about it she also lied to me .I used to just cry even went for counselling.he knew i was depressed coz of him but would never speak to me and i begged pleaded to become how he was but it never happened.he made excuses not to meet me completely ignored my calls and msgs and left me in office knowingly I m waiting for him to drop me home .Everytime i used to get tired of him i stopped contacting him and used to miss him miserably sometimes i went back to him and sometimes he came back and we kept on dragging the relationship for 7 more months .It was when he was going through a tough time due to his mother being very abusive to him and he wanted to leave his house also attemped suicide (as per him which may be true also as i saw his medical reports)that he said he is not happy himself and cant keep me happy so i should get settled in life.It happend 2.5 weeks back and I have this time seriouly thought he is not worth my tears and time and i should move on.He also has not contacted me,I know he did all wrong to me and i have taken more than acceptable amount of **** from him .. may be no other girl would have taken this much I STILL MISS HIM don’t know whyyyyyyy and somewhere wants him to call me or miss me or get in touch with me .Please tell me what should i do ??

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • Radical_Radhika: ONCE A LIAR IS ALWAYS A LIAR.. it’s better to hurt someone with a truth than to hurt with a lie.. Don’t think you can change him ever. PACK UP!Listen cindrella, i have married a liar, gave him N number of chances to improve, he broke me into pieces, he never improved. Nip the evil in the bud!
  • Cindrella: Thanks Radical Radhika..did u know he was a liar before marrying him ? Re u still wid him ? How long did it take to move on in case u are not with him
  • Radical_Radhika: No after committing to him, i came to know about his lies, then after marriage even. I am filing for divorce! :)Always marry a man who maintains his character. Who is honest, who is courageous, better die single than ending up in wrong hands! It took 2 years to understand that i want divorce, now i just am financial crisis, and have convinced him for divorce, would file it in a month or so!
  • Radical_Radhika: Am sorry for typing errors* i hope you get it whatsoever i wrote!
  • Cindrella: Thanks a lot :) yes I got ur point and I know inside it has happened for the good making ur parents upset and marrying someone not worth it is much more dangerous dan facing a heartbreak and taking years to move on and meeting the right one .. I gave him enough chances to improve though his conscience will tell him nt to do dis to me as I was really honest n dedicated in dis relationship.. But it didn’t happen .. Is he convinced abt the divorce things now ? And how do u feel about the whole thing ?wt kind of lies did he tell u ? M sorry for too many ques but jus curious :)
  • Radical_Radhika: Lied about everything he could, from age to qualifications to his love affairs, manipulated my mind , yes he is convinced for divorce it’s just i have to file. Yes don’t give them too many chances to improve! or else it would cause emptiness in you!
  • Cindrella: He too lied on everything he cud , his mother’s religion , his dad’s designation , his sister , his home , his past , his age nd manipulted my mind .. But I ws too attached to let it go.. Do u think dese kind of ppl ever fall in love ? Even If dey meet nice people or dey do fall but cnt do anything abt lying ?
  • Radical_Radhika: I don’t care if they want to fall in love or whatever, i care for safeguarding my heart from wrong people! I already have wasted my precious years on someone who never loved me sincerely as much as i did, and ended up seeking affection outside. Now i can only take a charge of fixing myself, and that’s what really matters. Cindrella, i was cindrellic like you, believed in love, used to watch world through my eyes, but to add more insult to injury i fell in love with a wrong man!.. Let them do whatever they want, be knowledgeful, don’t involve yourself in them. Always keep a sound and strong company, It comes out of experience to choose a company. When we are young, we are soft, we are untouched, we watch world through rose tinted glasses, break these bubbles, face reality, be a strong woman. Never become a princess, but be a warrior. I don’t believe in fairy tales. I believe in wars!
  • Cindrella: Its v nice to hv ur view on this .. :) u cm accross as a very strong woman I wish to b strong like u one day and think on the same lines ... Its been lil over 2 weeks since I stopped speaking to him .. Hope it gets better wid time ..I wnt to believe in god and karma dey shud get deir share of pain too
  • Radical_Radhika: I am not revengeful. Day and night i wish everyone happiness, the more i think that karma should get them, the more i get involved in their thoughts, i don’t even want to have them in my greatest negativity.
    All i want healthy happy life ahead with one love i have ever dreamed of, or build myself so strong enough to stay alone, and sacrifice every moment of life in healing the suffering.
  • Cindrella: Just saw him in d elevator can’t stop crying .. Donno if I ever be able to move out of it ... I donno I feel helpless and incapable of moving out of it .. I feel empty n hollow inside me ..
  • Radical_Radhika: :) Hugs....!!!!
  • Radical_Radhika: Don’t cry little Cinderella :) Time will fix everything..~~~~~~~~~~`
  • Cindrella: Time doesn’t seem to fix it radhika.. Cn u help me ?? Hw did u gt over ur husbnd u must b v attached to him
  • Radical_Radhika: It took me whole 1 year to get rid of it! :)
  • Radical_Radhika: Plus there was so much happening in my life, that i couldn’t remember what i was attached to? As if i was in constant intoxication. I didn’t even remember those days. They are out of my mind now. Entirely. You can call it short term memory loss. I have lost so much at the same time, love, respect, care, affection, relationships. I must pat my back, i am thick skinned that i again fell in love with some guy at distance, and now he is also not responding. Otherwise people in my situation would have given up!!!!!
  • Radical_Radhika: How to get rid of? Listen to music? Leave it to time..or God..and it can’t be fixed overnight?
  • Cindrella: Hey went out wid my girl friends got lil tipsy feeling gud :)smtomes I feel so strong dat I shudnt waste my time on dat liar smtimes I just lose hope donno till when wl it continue as we work in d same office..
  • Radical_Radhika: I hate liars, dishonesty would help me to forget someone so easily..
  • Radical_Radhika: I would be hurt, cry, be in pain for years, would feel betrayed even.. but would never want that liar back in my life..Never give them chances even in your weakest moments..
  • Cindrella: I knw d best is to grieve and accept life d way it is rather dan continuing relationship wid liars ... I donno if such kind of ppl who lay d foundation of deir relationships on lies ever stay hpy ??? R dey able to sustain deir relationship ?? Even if dey gt gud luving partner .. For how long ???
  • Radical_Radhika: I don’t know cindrella, i am myself in the middle of mess hahha! on one side divorce on another side my best friend at distance and understanding him.. So far not in real time relationship..and if it goes messy ,i mean sometimes i feel like hiring a bouncer and!
  • Radical_Radhika: Cindrella, best thing is leave it to time..
  • Radical_Radhika: I just was very confused today, lots of mess in head hahaha but then i went for a walk, and now that i am ok,
    :) its bestest to be single if you ask me, dump these stupid men!
  • Cindrella: Do u really believe time heals everything even if u hv to work in d same office as ur ex ?????
  • Radical_Radhika: hhahahah i would get a bf and kiss him hard in front of same office and right in front of ex,, :)
  • Radical_Radhika: Yes time will fix everything in right place.. sometimes we get confused, but its not gonna remain like that forever!
  • Cindrella: Btw dere is a cute luking guy in d office .. Infct d best luking ones and he seems lil interested also .. He works in d same function .. Shud I start hanging around wid him ?? Lol
  • Radical_Radhika: Yes please, do it asap lol!.. and please dont choose anyone from online! hahah!
  • Cindrella: Eh lol won’t b online .. I never showed interest in any guy coz of him .. Guess nw I shud start doin dt ... Ok tell me one thing .. If dere is. Really nice guy and u lose him coz of ur stupidity n ur lies wud it b easy for u to move on ?? Kind of guy who has sacrificed himself fr uu .. Nd has always kept u ahead of him
  • Radical_Radhika: See personally i cant stand dishonest men, you can ignore some lies , but not the major lies.. Go out and try other men.. although its difficult, world is full of liars hahaha..!! But okie fine we can hunt, i also am cindrellic like u
  • Radical_Radhika: Infact i also am getting lots of offers here now.. but my heart is stuck!! i will wait for my guy in US..:) And if he doesn’t turn up.. i would take a break and jump in hahah!
  • Cindrella: Liars is fine but hw many men wl show deir real sister’s photograph and tell some girl it’s deir ex gf ???? Is it lil too much ?? Isn’t it ??
  • Radical_Radhika: problem with us , We trust everyone, and we are golden hearts.. so feel proud, you will committing mistake that after knowing the truth you are bound to that strong.. cindrellic warrior!
  • Radical_Radhika: i am sorry for typing error i mean even after knowing the truth he is a liar, you are again going after him, it would be like repeating mistakes!
  • Cindrella: I knw he indeed is a big liar .. Want ur opinion if dis kind of lie is tolerable or not ???
  • Radical_Radhika: You are not going to ask for justice? okie , i know you are angry..
    Yes , real tolerance is how you can positively improve yourself.. and what can be done in such a situation?
    We would focus on that, get that cutest guy in the town , be his gf and have fun!
  • Cindrella: I knw girl smtimes I just wonder yyy meeee
  • Radical_Radhika: That’s how we get polished for life:)...
  • Cindrella: Gudmorning gurl .. Feelin lil better let’s c how does d day go mm wt abt uuu.. Me Goin to d office
  • Radical_Radhika: Me having morning tea.. slept at 2 am yesterday..i mailed his friend.. i know his entire family and stuff.. i can’t mail them.. but mailed his friend who dropped him in mess..i hope he replies.. or i will wait for months :( I miss my sweetheart.. That’s how life is..sometimes we are happy sometimes sad.. BUT HEY GUY IF YOU EVER COME ACROSS THIS SITE.. AS YOU ALREADY KNOW IT..MY LUCKY CHARM! I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!..STAY SAFE.. MAY YOU LIVE ZILLION YEARS..
  • Radical_Radhika: Cindrella, wish you a good day..BE STRONG!!.. when someone cheats you, you obviously lose respect for them. :) don’t hate him, but don’t value him anymore..he is not a national treasure..
  • Cindrella: National treasure lol :) he definitely is not .. Nw he must d telling lies to another girl who too wl gt fed up of him soom ..liars can’t sustain any relationship long hv u been trying to reach him ? Dis site has helped me a lot today it’s 20th day dat I hvnt spoken to him and its only coz of this site .. I ws never dis patient ..
  • Radical_Radhika: It’s been 5 days now :)... My boy has always answered me..i would wait for him, for years even.. anyhow i am in middle of divorce..:)...
    And i hope i get a post doc in US... not for him, but for myself.. But i would reach Florida!!.. I am crazy kinds.. hahaha!!.. I somehow am getting this intuition..after i am done with my doctorate and start earning i am gonna have huge fun hahaha!!
  • Radical_Radhika: And would be doctorate in love biology, online relationhip, long distance, divorce, liars, and how to cheer yourself up and hunt for next witch hunt game hahaha!..anyways good day..
  • Cindrella: U knw wt Radhika I alwys used to tell my sis a girl shud nvr compromise on love n care she shud get from a guy as dere r many out dere .. When it came to my ownself I lost my self respect and lost me too .. U r pursuing doctorte in ??
  • Radical_Radhika: Biochemistry:)..
  • Radical_Radhika: Yes, if a guy doesn’t value, no need to follow those old conservative rules, that women should sacrifice (specially in my country)..Go ahead, kiss million frogs, and get your prince charming!!
  • Cindrella: Lucky losers .. We , gud luking educated and caring girls :p lol, fall for dem nd dey donno hw to keep us
  • Radical_Radhika: lol! Don’t worry, our only task is to earn more and more and become more educated.. knowledgeful, hawt, secksie..:) and burn them alive hhahah!! MY MAN HAS TO BE A FIGHTER, I CAN’T STAND LIARS, WISHY WASHY MEN!!..ofcourse we are high maintenance women! Maintain your standards..
  • Cindrella: But dat **** reaally knew how to floor a woman .. His poems his tlks ..I miss it sometimes though I knw he doesn’t deserve a single minute of my time bt what to do ?? And I donno when wl I stop thinking abt ittt
  • Radical_Radhika: I am leaving for lab, i would catch you in evening..Cindrella, don’t listen to those poems, i would teach you some new poems i have learnt composing lately hahaha! , Just remember the deeds of liar, would become easier to forget!!.. He is going to insult you more if you go back to him.. GO FOR A GREAT CHARACTER.. don’t get floored. Some women are very weak, they can even compromise their husbands cheat, because they are dependent. They are weak. We arenot weak.WE WILL FIGHT..OKIE? LOVE TO YOU..I AM GETTING LATE!
  • Cindrella: How ws ur day girl ?
  • Radical_Radhika: Day was in pain, huge pain, but i talked to my professor about my long distance bf and yay, he said, wait for that man.. :) and we want him safe, just think positive.. i would pray for him..Now i am better..
  • Radical_Radhika: How was your day cindrella? i finished my experiment at 8 pm and reached home and called professor, i talked to Baron as well..they both helped me to gain my positivity back!
  • Cindrella: My day also ws not good .. I was busy wid induction d whole day .. Smiling nd talking to new joiners but at d back of my mind it ws only him and had to control my tears so many times as I didn’t wnt to make. Fool out of me in front of all.. :( .. I also wnt to speak to Baron how to contact him ?? Speaking to ppl really helps I also m trying to stay positive and cheerful .. U r v strong woman .. :) nothing cn make u weak lady
  • Radical_Radhika: You can contact Baron on site, send him a private message or paid assistance even.. and he is a compassionate heart even , just shout out loud on site, baron i need ur help!
  • Radical_Radhika: And about tears, i don’t cry on losers.. :)
  • Cindrella: M suddenly feeling v happy :)) I feel for me days r more tough dan nights .. Towards night my mood starts getting betterrrrrr
  • Radical_Radhika: I also am listening to music, and having pizza, dont feel like having food, but have to feed tummy to survive!!!! After all, we are going to fight life ya? Fine sometimes you feel happy sometimes too sad, this shows we are alive!!My day was also tough, and tired myself by crying, i had a heavy head, and a void in my heart, like as if yearning !! Was surrounded in fears.. :) I don’t need enemies hahah! i am my biggest enemy.. so then i thought , raise your consciousness..
  • Cindrella: I slept early yest had a fine sleep :) got up lil early and started to think all **** but den nw m feeling ok .. Had breakfast and starting for office ... So today I complete 3 weeks of NC .. :) feeling lil ok .. Hope I get better day by day mi hope d same for uu .. Alwys sty cheerful
  • Radical_Radhika: I slept late yesterday, but i am happy i received a call from my BF, he is safe now.. i am ok:) .. I wish the same for you, i am about to get ready for too stay safe!!.. Keep negative energies away from you.
  • Cindrella: Wow great congratsss :)) u must b feeling so happy now .. I feel happy for uuu ..hv a great day ..
  • Radical_Radhika: Yes very happy to know that i have him:) he is precious baby of mine, doesn’t matter at distance or what, he has my wishes, my prayers, my love with him :)
  • Cindrella: Great :) did u ask him y he was not replying ?
  • Radical_Radhika: Yes, there were reasons, he still is in mess, but he managed to contact me:)
  • Radical_Radhika: How are you :) Cindrella?
  • Cindrella: M feeling better .. I somehow feel now it hapened for the good and m kind of ready to see or meet new guys :p m I moving on ?
  • Radical_Radhika: If portion of you is still with him, i think we need some break and clarify it. Once you get the clarity, you would move on so easily and for sure you need clarity..Because you won’t ask ?? AM i moving on?
    > i want you to write anything on your mind, as silly as it is... write it.. we will see it.. whatever thought!!
  • Cindrella: Probbly yess won’t deny that a part of me lies there as I hv to face him on a regular basis he being in my office .. Thankgod we were on the same floor before bt now it has changed like once or twice a week I get to see him .. I m saying m moving on as I ws in a much more pathetic stte before where I cudnt see anyone else bt now I think I shud give myself a chance and I miight get someone who I wl fall for .. Like m of marriagable age and my parents are looking for me ..I feel I am kind of ready to meet guys date dem n decide if I cn get married to dem or not ..
  • Radical_Radhika: Rather liar should hesitate in facing you! But next smile at him, it would confuse him more hahaha! i think you should not find guys at this hour..just be with yourself, come here be with me, or be with friends..
    Your experiences would hurt you for a while... be with dad , mum, friend, neighbors, teacher , doggie anyone but any boy for a while!!!
  • Cindrella: Jus came out to meet cousin .. I hv strted getting ready for myself now .. Erlier I used to gt ready for him ..I do think of him all d time bt dnt feel miserable now .I feel I cn fall in love again which I ws not feeling before .. I wud nvr speak to him again and I have decided dis now .. Tell me one thing wid lies are dese kind of ppeople capable or running any relationship ?
  • Radical_Radhika: Chances are , liars are most successful with liars! but even then honesty is the biggest religion among dishonest people. Truth always comes on to surface. We should focus on building ourselves. Rest is illusion!
  • Cindrella: I am a liar u too are wow 2 liars .. I won’t really call it a Relationship and irony is Radhika dat liars also want honest people lol :p
  • Radical_Radhika: Truth will always set you free.. you can’t lie to your own self. such cases only find a dead end in dark future!
  • Cindrella: I knw dey never stay happy alwys stay unhappy due to deir own lies .. I feel better now definitely feel better .. Dere is no bigger power dan truth and no lie can subside it ..
  • Cindrella: Gudmorning Radhika :) hru girl ... M ready for office wl hv breakfast and leave in sometime ..
  • Radical_Radhika: Gm, i also am about to leave, how are you feeling?? wish you a good day ahead!!
  • Cindrella: I am feeling ok not sad at all ... I dnt feel much sad after listening to sad music also now .. M in a much better state than before :) I wish u too a great dy ahead
  • cindrella: Jus started from office .. By the time I wl reach home I will be dead tired .. How ws ur day ?? Dere r weak moments but at d end of the day I feel fine only :)
  • Radical_Radhika: My day was ok:) Do take your dinner properly ok? Welcome back home..!!
  • Cindrella: Yup had dinner properly ..hope u also had ur dinner .. Opposite to wt many people feel I feel better towards d end as I feel day has ended n I hv survived m still alive :)

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