Taking The Bulls Head On.

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Well i can honestly say, I’m starting to over come my dating axiety in general. it has bin 5 days since I had any freaks ou and if i did, it is very minimal. things couldn’t be better with my lady! I feel like a great weight has bin lifted off my chest and I can see more clear now then ever before. A thing bothered me a little bit. I was invited to go to my her remberance thing. but she thought it was a bad idea because her ex is going to be there and it wouldn,t be a good idea because there was some unessassary drama. So i sat down with her and I told her i understand completly. But it still bothers me a little.

I also saw a psycic today and she did an ora clense and a tara reading. it made alot of things clear and out in the open. I also learned how I need to look at the glass hafe full instead of hafe empty. I feel more open now,

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