This Boy Is Driving Me Crazy

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Okay, so this previous weekend my family and I went away with my cousins and they decided that they’re going to have 5 friends with them. So I’m one girl between 7 guys and none of actually talked to me and it might have had something to do with the fact that I’m not a very confident girl so I was very shy to talk to them first? Plus they’re all in an all boys school except one (he’s in varsity) and I’m in an all girls school so none of us are really...used to each other’s presence. So I sat there everyday reading my LOTR books and they didn’t talk to me and I didn’t talk to them. My one cousin decided he’s going to help me by asking me to join them on their night-drive (we were in the bush) so I joined and the one in varsity (we’ll call him *joe) was sitting infront and my cousin said I’m cold and none of us had something warm with us so he asked me if I wanted to swap places with him and I did. The next day I decided I’m going to stay awake with them around the fire and in the beginning I was worried that I’m, like, bumming them cuz they can’t talk about the things they would want to but then i just thought, **** them I’m enjoying myself. Later on at like 12 that night it was just me, *joe, my one cousin and his friend(*dan) and we were talking and stuff and through out the whole weekend *joe and *dan kept checking me out and talking silently and everything but I just shrugged it off. Now , my problem is, it’s not the first time I met *joe but I don’t think he remembered me but I kind of like him and his not bad looking and he’s really sweet and funny and my parents like him, but he’s 3 years older than me and I want to ask him to this formal dance my school has but I’m so scared he’ll freak out. I can’t even add him on facebook cuz I’m scared he thinks I’m stalking him or something. I don’t know what to do and ugh, help?

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