Triggered Memories

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Ever been somewhere or in a situation when something happens, you see something, hear something, or smell something and you instantly are overwhelmed by a memory of someone. Lets say an Ex? The one you still have feelings for.

Your at the park walking around and you smell a fire burning from a firepit in the backyard of a house near by and you instantly think of the time you took your ex camping and you two sat by the fire together laughing and cuddling. You get this overwhelming sense of “missing” that person. Your thinking to your self, “Wow, Why do I miss this person so much?” “Should I text her?” “I feel like calling him right now.” Of course this is all normal to happen but it’s rather crazy how it does. Say that you and your ex have recently broke up or you have been broken up for a while but they were such a huge part of you and you did absolutely everything together and went everywhere, and your finding your self constantly being haunted or maybe even comforted by memories that you shared together. “Man I feel like I can never go to Six Flags again because the last time I went I was with my ex.”

Perhaps even the thought of a particular place triggers a memory of that person and you find your self to the point of a breakdown. “Why!? Why did things have to end up like this?” When missing an ex or dealing with a break-up your MOST LIKELY are experiencing “Triggered Memroies.” Know this, Life triggers memories and memories trigger emotions. One must consider that it is VERY possible that their Ex is experiencing the same thing. You can only hope that they will, at some point, experience a “triggered Memory” of you.


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  • Sigi: It happens to me sometimes. it can be nice if it brings up good memories from childhood or something like that. But if everything triggers a memory of the ex I guess it only makes things harder on you.
    Thanks for sharing

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