Why does she initiate conversation then ignore?

I hit it off with this girl last week when she came over. Shes 17 Im 19. Anyway last few days she'll text me or snapchat me, and then just ignore. Like last night she snapchatted me but my phone was dead. So right before i went to bed i plugged my phone in the charger and saw she snapchatted. I replied back, it was like an hour later (at like 2 am). Went back n forth like 3 times. Then she just ignored (probly just fell asleep then, it was LATE). But today she snapchatted me again, it was a picture of her like stomach with the tanline heart thing a lot of girls do now, I mean it was a pretty sexy pic lol. Anyway I reply back to that (i dont remember what i said, but it definitely wasnt perverted) within a reasonable time, but not right away either. She viewed it pretty quickly but no reply. Like its not a pic she would send to just any random person, or mass send out (also she'd done a similar type thing a few days back too). I'm also her top friend on snapchat. From when we hung out i could tell she was into me, and it seems like she still is, i just dont get what the point is. I also hardly ever contact her first, more times than not she does. Like whats the point in this? Its not a huge deal really, just confusing really.

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I personally think you are making a mountain out of a molehill and reading too deep into it. She may have her reasons why she saw your message and then didn't reply right away. For all you know, she could have been multitasking and decided to wait till she was done to spark up a conversation when you have her full attention.

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