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No Contact is Not Always the Way by brokenhalo
Relationships are hard sometimes, breakups are even harder. When dealing with a breakup, many have the support of family and friends. Sometimes though, for whatever reason, there may not be a person there for you, and with a simple internet ...
How to help a fearful avoidant partner. by Johnny Nicks
Basically to become more self aware, that there are such things as “attachment styles” so that they can take a helicopter view of themselves as having a “style”, re-narrating their lives making sense of how their ...

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by Bea - 8 minutes ago
Kadesia, are you still with us?
by Baron A. - 9 minutes ago
What are you sitting back and waiting for exactly?
by Baron A. - 11 minutes ago
Easier said than done. Ignore her. Talk only about topics about your child. Ignore her. When she calls about silly stuffs, excuse yourself by telling her that you don't have time to talk ...
by Bea - 11 minutes ago
What are some of the things observed why you would say he is not interested beyond just being a platonic friend?
by Baron A. - 19 minutes ago
Hey Dan, are you okay?
by Baron A. - 25 minutes ago
Before loving someone, you need to love yourself first. Learn to love yourself before dating someone. Pamper yourself a little, exercise, go out.
by Bea - 26 minutes ago

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