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I like this.. a true love song. ;)
by Johnny Nicks - 42 minutes ago
Thanks Mickey.
by Baron A. - 6 hours ago
Elias, you might find these links helpful? Links The 5 stages of a relationship How to keep romance fresh ...
by Johnny Nicks - 51 minutes ago
Discuss the options and their pros and cons together.. there may be other options you haven’t seen yet..
by Johnny Nicks - 54 minutes ago
Lost, have you seen the movie collateral beauty? If not watch it.. Nothing that happens in life is wasted.. there is a ripple effect. I’m not sure where these words come from.. quite a ...
by Johnny Nicks - 59 minutes ago
Thank you Vita. I was concerned baron was unaware of the spirituality and sanctity of the Sanskrit I wrote and what I was saying was from a quote from the Hindu holy book and how the ...
by Johnny Nicks - 1 hour ago
Daisy1, thanks. :) When I'm hot, I'm hot!
by SomebodyElse - 1 hour ago
Yea no ones perfect. I just want to finally find someone whos 100%. No lies, no deceiving, no shadiness, no past doors that cant be shut. It doesnt only ruin the relationship but the ...
by jbombard - 1 hour ago
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