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Hot and Cold in a Long Distance Relationship? by Johnny Nicks
I’m afaid that I do not have the confidence to be able to tell you with any certainty that I know what is going on here. I would not want to influence you strongly in this matter, but just merely upskill you in some of the things that ...
I’m a younger man who has a love story with an older woman by Michael90
I met this woman when I was 21 through someone she later told me was her friend for 7 years, and he befriended me before he introduced me to her. He was 38 like she was. I had told him that I was a sexually frustrated so he thought ...

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Apologies if this opens up old wounds:( Hope everything is happily resolved.
by Johnny Nicks - 6 minutes ago
Despite writing many words, I’m still not really sure we have specifically and explicitly answered your question about how to handle your partners po(n use? Relationships don’t usually ...
by Johnny Nicks - 14 minutes ago
Well i try get sleep. But it doeant always happen! Read up on emotional regulation. Sounds like i let emotions control me? Hmm. Well to be honest thats true & false. Sometimes they stop ...
by BraveGirl89 - 46 minutes ago
Spitfire wrote: It's a foreign concept for you:)A “Foreign Concept”? ...Is it an Egyptian car? We have self reliant s ... We have a “Reliant Robin?” ...
by Johnny Nicks - 50 minutes ago
No, because when I have a partner, I don't have time to look outside my relationship.
by Bea - 1 hour ago
For me, it is the guys who always pay. Always choose gentlemen dear. My spouse has always paid for anything. I have a job too but he chooses to pay. I don't ask him anything. It's his ...
by Bea - 1 hour ago
I've been talking to this guy I met online for about 8 months and I want to hang out befit he and when's we first started taking he really want to go meet up. But then school started and ...
by Ceeee - 1 hour ago

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