4 Most Important Things In A Relationship


I have learnt these 4 things from my relationship that I had. These are the four most important things people need to have for each other when in relationship.

1. Respect

Respect is the most important one to have in relationship. Without it, the relationship means nothing. How is that? He respects your body. He respects your opinion. He respects your family. He respects your friends.

2. Trust

Trust is like a one time chance to give. To trust, both of you need to be honest to each other. No matter if what you have to say is good to tell or the opposite.

3. Faithfulness

Now, this is also important. Faithfulness is about staying with someone you are in relationship with unconditionally. Not leaving each other no matter what happens. If one leaves, it means they are also breaking their promises. They are not respecting you or trusting you. They are not being faithful and are not loving you unconditionally.

4. Love

Love is the most important thing that ties you in relationship with someone. However, in love, there is also hate. In love, there will be pain. No pain, no gain. Because love exists, that is why hate also exists. Love is about how much both of you can share the love and hate. Love is about caring for someone. Love is also about forgiving each other even after the other person has done something bad or done some hurtful things. Love is about accepting someone’s bad side. Love is the greatest gift in life. Be thankful because you are loved.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.

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  • Vale: Great post! Maybe you can add a bit to each point about why it is important and an example of how it helps or what could go wrong

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