An Image Is Worth 1,000 Words - 4 Reasons To Add Images To Your Blog Posts!

a picture is worth 1000 words

The famous phrase, a picture is worth a thousand words, was coined in the 1920’s by the famous advertiser, F.R Barnard, who wrote an article in the advertising journal, Printers Ink. Of course, he was trying to promote the power of images in conveying a message, in this case, the strength of advertising on the sides of street cars.

Mr. Barnard is neither the first nor the last to believe in the power of imagery and in how efficiently it can convey ideas and thoughts, or arouse emotions and curiosity.

Major newspapers, both print and online editions all use images in their articles and posts with one aim in mind, to get us, the readers to either click on or turn the page to a particular article. For example, the New York Times has several images on its front page, and every article you click on will have an image illustrating it.

My point being: enrich your blog posts by adding images!!

Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. An image IS worth 10,000 words!
  2. An image creates an immediate visual and emotional response, making the reader interested in spending the time reading your post.
  3. A well chosen image will make your post “pop” amongst the many other posts dealing with similar topics, once again enticing potential reader to continue passed the image, onto the words.
  4. An image will reinforce your message, and convey “between the lines” messages better than words ever could, leaving a lasting impression on readers.

Please note that not all images are free game, and just like with content, copy right laws should be followed.

To find images you can freely use, either use the creative common licensed image search under the blog editor, or use Flickr creative commons where all images are licensed, usually asking for an attribution.

photo credit creative commons license spcbrass

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • gummybears: I will say from experience that adding pics to a blog helps readership and interactivity a buch. I have kept pics off of my blog up until now for that reason.
    I have experimented with the flikr pic option on my phone and it works well via mobile browser. Adding pics is easy.
    Now, I don’t think I can get as creative with tables as molly has done via my phone, but adding pics is quick and easy on this site... Moreso than on any other blogging platform I have used. This includes blogger and wordpress.
  • Ruth: Gummy - Why didn’t you want readership on your blog until now?

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